IFC 2012 – CALL for 38th International Features Conference, London, 13-17 May

Dear Colleagues,

The 38th International Feature Conference (IFC) will be held in London at the kind invitation of the BBC (United Kingdom) on 13-17 May 2012.

Please find attached download the official invitation with practical information on the Conference (accommodation, location, transport) and important deadlines.

UPD 25/1: For the sake of clarity, please note that the deadline for booking the Millennium Gloucester Hotel is 18 February 2012.

You are kindly requested to fill in the attached attendance and hotel booking forms and return them by 1 April:

– attendance form to Simon Elmes, BBC (simon.elmes@bbc.co.uk), with a copy to Krystyna Kabat, EBU (kabat@ebu.ch).

– hotel booking form to the BBC’S hotel contractor HOTELSCENE

– web site 2012, 38th IFC, London, (HOME

Best regards,

Laurent Marceau
EBU Radio
Head of Eurosonic/Radio Plus

registrationform, hotels, etc (DOWNLOAD)  

Download this file

more info:

2012, 38th IFC, London, (HOME

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