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Tim Desmond: Ake Blomström chairman

tim.desmond [at] rte.ie

The new Ake Blomström Training 2019-2020 has started at Castlemartyr (Cork, Ireland)


Åke Blomström – born December 31, 1931, † May 31 1985 –
Åke Blomström was the Head of the Features Department at Swedish Radio for many years.
In this capacity, he was a great mentor and supporter of young programme makers.

After his untimely death, it therefore seemed obvious to his friends and colleagues within the international features community that the way to honour his memory was through the establishment of an award in the form of a travel stipend to enable talented young documentary makers to attend the International Feature Conference.

30 Years Åke Blomström Award

Archive 1986-2019 (PDF)

Record of Documents. May 1986 – May 2016 (plus updates 2016-2019). Compiled by Peter Leonhard Braun

2016 May 11 – Peter Leonhard Braun, Åke’s close friend and colleague, will take you to an exciting journey through the decades on the occasion of the 30th anniverssary Åke Blomström Award at Studio 3 (ORF, Vienna, Austria (AUDIO)

Exactly thirty years ago, the Åke Blomström Award – back then called Åke Blomström Memorial Prize – was given to young, promising feature makers for the first time.
Many of the winners became renowned feature masters afterwards.