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IFC History

The International Feature Conference organized once a year in a different country each time.

It all started in 1974 in Berlin under the benign dictatorship of Peter Leonard Braun (photo), a German feature-maker.

Read statement P.L. Braun: ‘The Genesis’ 1999, March 29

He set up what he liked to call ‘an annual conference of shoemakers’, a forum for discussing each other’s work with sometimes ruthless honesty.
The number of participants grew steadily up to the maximum of 70, and in the recent years it has been difficult to keep the number that low.

In 1995 Leo handed over power to an EBU committee chaired by Belgium’s Edwin Brys.

Read statement E Brys: 1999, March

IFC Since 1974 and some facts surround …

Coming up

*50th IFC (City/dates 2024, coming up soon)

🇮🇸* 49th IFC, Reykjavik, IS, May 21-25

▽ Previous

United Kingdom Flag* 48th IFC, Cardiff, UK, 2022, May 22-26

Germany Flag* 47th IFC, (Virtual) Cologne, DE, 2021, May 15-18

* 46th IFC, Rome, IT, 2020, (planned: May 24-28), worked out in
Virtual IFC 2020‘, Sep 14-16

Ireland Flag* 45th IFC, Cork, IE, 2019, April 7-11

czech-republic-flag-image* 44th IFC, Prague, CZ, 2018, May 20-24

Sweden Flag* 43rd IFC, Stockholm, SE, 2017, May 7-11

Austria Flag* 42nd IFC, Vienna, AT, 2016, May 8-12

Poland Flag* 41st IFC, Lublin, PL, 2015, May 17-21

Germany Flag* 40th IFC, Leipzig, DE, 2014, May 11-15

Norway Flag* 39th IFC, Bergen, NO, 2013, May 12-16

United Kingdom Flag* 38th IFC, London, UK, 2012, May 13-17

Netherlands Flag* 37th IFC, Hilversum, NL, 2011, May 15-19

  • (farewell to ‘blog-city.com’ IFC website – remnants, rebuild at ‘posterous.com’)

Finland Flag* 36th IFC, Hameenlinna, Finland, 2010, May 9-13

Ireland Flag* 35th IFC, Dublin, Ireland 2009, May 9-14

Bulgaria Flag* 34th IFC, Varna, Bulgaria, 2008, June 14-19

Denmark Flag* 33rd IFC, Copenhagen, 2007, Apr 28-May 03

Austria Flag* 32nd IFC, Vienna, 2006, Apr 29-May 04

Romania Flag* 31st IFC, Sinaia, Romania, 2005, Apr 30-May 05

Switzerland Flag* 30th IFC, Lucerne, 2004, May 29-Jun 03

  • 2004, Apr 11, IFC Weblog ‘ifc-online.tk’ on-line.
  • 2003, Oct 08, IFC Website ‘ifc-online.org’ off-line.

Canada Flag* 29th IFC, Toronto, 2003, Aug 30-Sep 04

Croatia Flag* 28th IFC, Zagreb, 2002, Apr 20-25

Australia Flag* 27th IFC, Sydney, 2001, Apr 28-May 03

  • 2000, Apr 18, IFC Website ‘ifc-online.org’ on-line.

Germany Flag* 26th IFC, Berlin, 2000, Apr 10-14

Netherlands Flag* 25th IFC, Amsterdam, 1999, Apr 19-23

  • 1999, Apr 19, first IFC Website (by ‘NetCetera.nl’, Friso, Hans and Willem)

Poland Flag* 24th IFC, Warsaw, 1998, Apr 26-30

Norway Flag* 23rd IFC, Oslo, 1997, Apr 20-24

United Kingdom Flag* 22nd IFC , London, 1996, Sep 15-19

Switzerland Flag* 21st IFC , Basel, 1995, Jun 26-30

Hungary Flag* 20th IFC, Budapest, 1994, Apr 25-29 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 19th IFC, Berlin, 1993, Apr 05-09 (searching for info)

Denmark Flag* 18th IFC , Copenhagen, 1992, May 04-08

Germany Flag* 17th IFC, Berlin, 1991, Apr 22-26 (searching for info)

  • first IFC in eastern part of Berlin

Ireland Flag* 16th IFC, Dublin, 1990, Apr 30-May 04 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 15th IFC, Berlin, 1989, May 01-05 (searching for info)

Australia Flag* 14th IFC, Sydney, 1988, May 23-27 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 13th IFC, Berlin, 1987, Apr 06-10 (searching for info)

Belgium Flag* 12th IFC, Brussels, 1986, May 26-30 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 11th IFC, Berlin, 1985, Apr 01-05 (searching for info)

Finland Flag* 10th IFC, Helsinki, 1984, Jun 25-29 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 09th IFC, Berlin, 1983, Apr 18-22 (searching for info)

Canada Flag* 08th IFC, Montréal, 1982, Jun 14-18 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 07th IFC, Berlin, 1981, Apr 06-10 (searching for info)

Sweden Flag* 06th IFC, Stockholm, 1980, Jun 02-06

Germany Flag* 05th IFC, Berlin, 1979, Apr 02-06 (searching for info)

Austria Flag* 04th IFC, Vienna, 1978, May 21-26 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 03rd IFC, Berlin, 1977, May 23-26 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 02nd IFC, Berlin, 1976, May 24-28 (searching for info)

Germany Flag* 01th IFC, Berlin, 1975, Jun 23-27 (searching for info)

* Start IFC, Ohrid, Macedonië, 1974


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