CALL & 2nd info – 41st International Feature Conference, Lublin, Poland,17-21 May 2015

logo2_if_lublin41stIFC rl Dear Colleagues, Please find attached the invitation to take part in the 41st International Feature Conference organized by Radio Lublin, Poland, 17-21 May 2015.

Kind regards, Krystyna KABAT Project Manager

  1. Seeing you …
  2. Deadline for submissions is Sunday, 15 February 2015 CLOSED
  3. Submission instructions CLOSED
  4. Searching for new and fresh ideas (what?) CLOSED
  5. Important deadlines
  6. This conference (Centre, rooms, info)
  7. Accommodation (Early birds booking info)
  8. Travel (How-to info. Lublin may appear to be difficult to reach …)
  9. Entertainment (info)
  • ATTENDANCE FORM (.doc – read/download/fill in/return) This form should be returned by e-mail to by 20 March 2015 CLOSED
  • HOTEL BOOKING FORM (.doc – read/download/fill in/return) This form should be returned by e-mail to your hotel by 20 March 2015 CLOSED
  • DEADLINE for sending the programmes selected for the listening sessions to Radio Lublin S.A. – before Sat, April 4, 2015

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Prix Italia 2015 – UPDATE ‘Big News!’ (Prize € 7000,-)

Do you remember Neil Sandell’s topic :
Prix Italia 2015 – Big News!‘ ?


Received an update from Neil:

An update on the new Prix Italia category, Golden Award for New Radio Formats. 
(Prize 7000 euro).

The full regulations are here:

To get an entry form, email:   
They will send you log-in info for entering. 
And it flows from there. 
I hope.  

Deadline for submitting the entry form and synopsis is March 30.  

In case you missed it the first time, this prize rewards innovation and radio risk taking. 
Unlike most Prix Italia categories, it’s open to independents, not just members.

Please spread the word.”


8 Days left for completing your registration at IFC

There’s only 8 days left for completing your registration at IFC 2015.
Also till 20th March our conference hotels are waiting for your booking forms.

reminder_ifc15The Grand Hotel Lublinianka is located only 100 metres from The Centre for Culture – our conference venue. Hotel Europa is closer to the Old Town – the location of our evening events.
The prices at both of these are comparable.

Death of colleague Mary Phelan (Radio Producer)

As many of you will know, our friend and colleague, Mary Phelan, has died unexpectedly.
She was buried last Sunday in the presence of her daughter,
Fleachta and son, Dara, family and friends in a natural graveyard in Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Mary was a woman of many parts.
A devoted mother, a ferocious and dedicated social campaigner, an accomplished musician, a highly respected radio producer and, above all else, a great free spirit.
She was very good company, with a fabulous sense of humour and a sharp eye for what was going down around her.

She worked for many years as a features producer in RTÉ before parting company with us to live in the West of Ireland.
There, she built a fine reputation as an independent producer and continued to provide programmes across the RTÉ radio service and for independent radio stations.

Our deepest sympathy is with Fleachta and Dara who are contactable via
They should be rightly proud of their mother and take comfort in the fact that she will be missed by many.

Pre-selection IFC15


‘Euroradio Features Group’ (Vienna 3rd of March, @ORF)

“We’ve heard many colourful acousctic movies during the pre-selection IFC15″

Selected programs/countries:
Finland, Ireland, Ukraine, UK, Czech Republic, Denmark, Australia, Lithuania, Polska/Belarus, România, Canada, Israel, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands and Norway.


‘Åke Blomström Award’ Winners 2015

The ‘Ake Blomstrom’ Jury has chosen three winners:

Stine Voigt de Klauman, Denmark, (DR)
Hana Walker-Brown, Great Britain, (BBC)
Kateryna Zaitseva, Ukraine, (National Radio Company of Ukraine)

This year we also have three candidates who we award with a “special recommendation”:

Jesse Cox, Australia (ABC, Syndey)
Dennis Funk, USA  (Third coast podcast, Chicago)
Annie McEwen, Canada (Battery Radio, St. John’s)


Selection committee 2015

Gabriela Hermer
Kulturradio vom RBB

Bjarke Stender
DR Danish Radio

Ljubo Pauzin
Hrvatski radio
Dramski program

Hannu Karisto
Documentary programmes

Leslie Rosin
PG Hörspiel und Feature

Prix Italia 2015 – Big News!

(by: Neil Sandell)

For the first time, the prestigious Prix Italia is opening one of its radio awards to non-members.


Prix Italia 2015

Independent producers and all broadcasting organizations are being encouraged to enter.   

Make no mistake.
This is a breakthrough.
A strong response to the call for entries will send a message to open up the competition even further.

Entry details will follow in the next few days.
In the meantime, consider what you might enter.
Here’s the call for entries.

**The Prix Italia Golden Award for Radio New Formats**

For the year 2015 a Prize is being awarded to the most innovative, unconventional, groundbreaking, daring and bold radio/audio format, including web native radio and audio offers, with no limit of genre, platform, length, produced with or without the support of archive material.

Participation is free and open to member organisations and other players, such as independent producers.

Each competitor can enter only one programme.
This  programme will not be considered in the total number of the entries submitted by Prix Italia members and its length will not be calculated in the overall total length of the programmes submitted to the radio competition.
The programme must have been broadcast or published online in the same form in which it was submitted.

The period of eligibility is: 19th September 2013 – 30th March 2015.
The programmes that have already competed at Prix Italia in the previous editions are automatically excluded.

The prize money, amounting to Euro 7,000, will be offered by Prix Italia to the submitting/winning broadcaster.

The jury, which will be composed of internationally renowned personalities invited by Prix Italia, will take into consideration the following criteria: originality; the values of delight, surprise, engagement and daring; an unconventional approach to audio/radio; excellence in storytelling; innovative sound design and innovative communicational settings.

Deadlines: registration of entries and summaries by 30th March – technical material by 30th April.

  • Web: Prix Italia2015
    (The call for entries is still not posted. However it’s good to give a first notice of the awards, we can follow it up with the entry details later)

REMINDER ! – Prix Marulic – IFC Lublin