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IFC Conferences since 1974 in ‘Capitals of Radio’


Every year we organise the International Features Conference which is a showcase of the finest feature-making from around Europe and the world.
We bring talented feature makers together to discuss each others’ work, and to share ideas, experience and expertise.
We come together as a group of individuals passionate about making radio features and eager to learn from each other.
Each year the conference is held in a different European city and attracts over 100 delegates.
The conference runs for 3.5 days and is free, though delegates must pay for their own transport and accommodation.
The conference is carefully structured around listening sessions – when we listen and discuss individual programmes – and plenary sessions in which leading feature makers share best practice and analyse the future of the genre.



The International Feature Conference is organized once a year in a different country each time.
It all started in 1974 in Berlin under the benign dictatorship of Peter Leonard Braun, a German feature-maker of vision.



statement P.L. Braun: ‘The Genenis’ 1999, March 29
The international radio documentary was a pretty bland concoction up until the mid-1960s. Although most radio countries made documentaries, some producing innovative and interesting results, no one knew.


Peter Leonard Braun set up what he liked to call ‘an annual conference of shoemakers’, a forum for discussing each other’s work with somethimes ruthless honesty.
The number of participants grew steadily up to the maximum of 70, and in the recent years it has been difficult to keep the number that low.                                     READ MORE …


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