IFC ►|| 2002 28th, Zagreb ▇ HOME

Croatia Flag Zagreb files
IFC 2002, April 20 – 25

Ake Blomström Awards: 2002

  • Giuseppe Maio, Germany
  • Susan Dennehy, Ireland
  • Ireneusz Bialek
  • Malgorzata Bialek Perdeus, Poland.

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What happened in Zagreb, newsletters photo galleries and short soundbites.

Here is the list:

One thought on “IFC ►|| 2002 28th, Zagreb ▇ HOME

  1. IFC Zagreb

    Dear Friends,

    Wellcome home!

    As always a conference like this is hectic. Long days, short nights. Workshops, Classics, Listening Sessions, Discussions on the entries. The effects come with a certain delay. I guess there are more miles of nervo channnels between our earshelves and the hippothalmus, than between Zagreb and our respective spots of departure.

    But one day or another, memory will do its work. Suddenly, a idea, a glimpse of a project, a sentence, a word, a face, will reappear. Perhaps we will have forgotten it came from Zagreb.

    Zagreb, the city Zero, Zeal, Zenith, Zephyr, Zig Zag. We were there on the right time, on the right place. And thanks to Ljubo, Ivana and the Young Feature Group for the warm nest we found there!

    Hope to Zee you back Zoon!

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