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Switzerland Flag 30th IFC, Lucerne, 2004, May 29 – Jun 03

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before conference

  1. Ear of a Chair: Next IFC is in Switzerland! @ Vincent van Merwijk
  2. List of programs IFC 2004 @ Project Group
  3. What do our listeners want to listen to? @ Peter Klein
  4. IFC Newsletter April 2004 @ Ljubo Pauzin/Willem Davids
  5. Latest news IFC 2004 Lucerne @ Aldo Gardini and Gaby Karger

during conference

  1. ‘Essay on documentaries’ @ Lisbeth Jessen
  2. ‘How I did it’, Investigative journalism, the Polish way @ Andrzej Stankiewicz
  3.  30 years of international radio documentaries in a CD box! @ Project Group

after conference

  1. Into every life some rain must fall�Ķ (Return from Lucerne) @ Vincent van Merwijk
  2. IFC 2004 Lucerne (49) Pics (overview)
  3. Article in a local RADIO MAGAZIN, Jun 12, 2004.pdf (download)
  4. Article in ‘Neue Z��rcher Zeitung’, Jun 18, 2004.pdf (download)
  5. List of Participants, IFC 2004.xls (download)
  6. Post from Lucerne (Pics, Articles, List of Participants-IFC 2004) @ Organizer

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