ABA 2010 – New Head of the Ake Blomström Committee: Elisabeth Stratka!

(by Berit Hedemann)

I have now served my 4 years as Head of this Committee, and have had the pleasure of seeing 13 young and talented people from all over the world attend the IFC, learn from experienced feature makers and contribute their own new ideas and inspiration.

This job is now handed over to Elisabeth Stratka (photo) from ORF Austria for the next four years.



Elisabeth was elected for the job on IFC in Finland this year, among representatives from the 9 contributing countries who are in charge of the Ake Blomstrom Award; Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia and Ireland, who together sustain the prize by means of an annual donation into a bank account held under the aegis of the EBU.

This prize will pay the travel, hotel and living expences for 3-4 young people to the IFC each year.

Elisabeth has served in the Committee earlier for two years, and will be taking care of this important job in the best possible way, beeing eager to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to show their work and get respons.

Any questions about this Award, how to apply, deadlines, rules and regulations, will be answered by her at this e-mail adress: elisabeth.stratka@orf.at

Good luck to her, and to all young talents around the world!
Berit Hedemann
Head of the Radio Documentary Department


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