The three radio talents from the ‘Ake Blomström Award 2020-2021’ – +AUDIO, +VIDEO

Åke Blomström

VIDEO: Special: ‘Åke Blomström Award‘ at IFC 2021

You probably met the 3 of them during the virtual IFC in Cologne: the winners of the Ake Blomström Award 2020-2021.

Discover now the full programmes (with English translation) they produced during the AB training and coaching period.

  • Agnieszka Szwajgier, Poland (coach: Vaida Pilibaityté, LRT)
  • Dries Hiroux, Belgium (coach: Conor Garrett, BBC Ireland)
  • Lena Löhr, Germany (coach: Simon Elmes, ex BBC)


Edwin Brys, Coordinator Ake Blomström Training

AND WHAT IF I DON’T WANT TO … – Agnieszka Szwajgier – Poland
“You just say that now, but while getting older, you will change your mind”, “your time will come”, “When you have children, you’ll love them” – this is what a woman usually hears when she openly says that she does not want to have children.

The increasing numer of young Polish women do not see themselves as mothers. The reasons vary. Economic fears, a willingness to choose a career, reluctance to raise children in a world threatened by a climate catastrophe or simply lack of maternal instinct.
Doctor Janusz Rudziński, near abroad, from German hospital claims that more and more young Polish women in their 20s come to him for sterilization.
It is illegal in Poland, as well as the termination of a pregnancy that does not come from rape.
Women have several options.
They order pills from abroad and have an abortion at home, use the underground or travel abroad to finally feel safe there.
What is it like not to want children and live in a country that gives you no choice?
[ ENGLISH SCRIPT pdf ] [ AUDIO mp3 ]

SIMILES – Dries Hiroux – Belgium
Speaking about informal care givers, the public image is fabricated around people looking after their sick or elderly parents, grandparents or other relatives.
The focus is on the physical disability, because it is shown, and clear to understand.
But what does it feel like to have a partner constantly on the brink of having mental breakdowns?
How do you look after a brother who is so disappointed in his love life that he
developed chronic depression? How do you respond to that, as a sister?
And as a mother, does your love for your bipolar son change when he thinks you are the devil?

In this feature the word is given to three people, with no connection other than their care for a troubled loved one.
A non profit organisation helps them understand their own concerns and
difficulties through group debates and sessions.
[ ENGLISH SCRIPT pdf ] [ AUDIO mp3 ]

THE EARS OF PETER CUSACK – Lena Löhr – Germany
Peter Cusack has been fascinated by the sounds of the environemnt for a long time, since his first outdoor recordings in the mid 1970s.
Albeit his preference for excursions into unknown soundscapes on his own he shares his thoughts and experiences with his friend Udo Noll and with the author.
Alone together the three explore the sonic details of everyday and extraordinary places.
[ ENGLISH SCRIPT pdf ] [ AUDIO mp3 ]


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