Lifetime Achievement Award for Peter Leonhard Braun +AUDIO links and more

Leipzig honours PRIX EUROPA founder

The Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig (Media Foundation of the Sparkasse Leipzig) gives the Honorary Axel Eggebrecht Award to Peter Leonhard Braun.

On 28 January 2012 Peter Leonhard Braun was given the Honorary Axel Eggebrecht Award of the Media Foundation for his life’s work, for his contribution to the future of the Radio Feature, for his commitment to the Media Foundation and to the media location Leipzig. In his laudatory speech Richard Goll (Vienna) gathered comments by Feature colleagues from all over the world which gave appreciation to Peter Leonhard Braun’s work.

The foundation director Stephan Seeger said: “Every two years the Axel Eggebrecht Award honours excellent Radio Feature makers. Had Peter Leonhard Braun not been chairman of the jury since its founding, he would have received the award himself before anyone else. A Feature award without a laureate Braun would be like a Nobel Prize in Literature without Thomas Mann or like Leipzig without Johann Sebastian Bach.”

This is why the Media Foundation has decided to give him the Honorary Award, an award that is unique and will not be awarded again in the future. The exclusive nature of the Honorary Award stresses the outstanding work of Peter Leonhard Braun. It is being awarded in full agreement with the Feature Jury who convened and conspired without the knowledge of their own chairman Braun. The Honorary Axel Eggebrecht Award prize money amounts to €10,000.

This year marks the fourth time the Axel Eggebrecht Award is awarded. Former recipients were Helmut Kopetzky (2008), Richard Goll and Alfred Treiber (2010) and Friedrich Schütze-Quest (2012).


For more information please contact the Medienstiftung der Sparkasse Leipzig:


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