IFC 2018 – … entry proposals should now arrive by another date: Friday, 23 February

Dear Colleagues,

The EBU Features Group will meet in Prague on 5-6 March to finalize the programme of the next International Feature Conference (20-24 May), and in particular to decide on the programmes to be included in the IFC’s listening sessions.
This year, the Features Group decided to slightly change the selection process, with Members able to listen to and assess programmes prior to the meeting in March.

With that in mind, it seems necessary that entry proposals should now arrive by another date, and we would like to suggest that you make them available by Friday, 23 February.

We apologize for this slight change in the timetable.

Here is the general outline once again:

Contributing programmes

We invite you to submit up to 2 x 10 minute excerpts from two different programmes which demonstrate excellence and ambition in any of the following categories:

– Hearing the Author. Programmes which are daring in the way they approach the conventions of authorship/narration/presentation – the “voice of the programme”.

– Use of sound. Programmes which are bold and innovative in the way they use sound to engage the audience.

– Series. Programmes which make creative use of a serial format to engage the listener.

– Journalism. Programmes which investigate challenges facing the modern world in an original, thought-provoking and rigorous way.

The IFC will be structured around these themes. Do feel free to mix categories. You may, for instance, send one excerpt from a programme which is ambitious in its journalism plus another excerpt from a programme which is ambitious in its use of sound.

Each excerpt must be accompanied by a transcript in the original language plus an English translation on the facing page.

If you want your programme to be considered for inclusion in the Conference, please send it before the deadline of Friday, 23 February:

Please bear in mind that each year, the number of features suggested for inclusion in the IFC considerably exceeds the time available to listen to them, so, regretfully, the EBU Features Group will have to make a choice.

· Register via: http://ifc2018.eventbrite.co.uk/ (Submit your SoundCloud URL)

· Upload the entry (audio/scripts) to the SoundCloud website: http://soundcloud.com

[Upload your Script/English translation (in pdf) to Dropbox or Google Drive and put the URL link in the Soundcloud “Description” field]
· Please also send your English translation, the synopsis, your reason for submission and all other information to: anna.vosalikova@rozhlas.cz

(All of these documents should be sent only as PDF files, ensuring that they are in a print-friendly format)


Anna Vošalíková (Organizer)
Czech Radio
International Relations
Vinohradská 12 | 120 99 Prague 2 | Czech Republic
tel.: +420 221 551 252 | mobile: + 420 601 383 768
e-mail: anna.vosalikova@czechradio.cz | http://www.czechradio.cz

Brit Plieštik Jensen
tel.: +420 601 088 241


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