Why I have chosen ‘posterous.com’ for the new IFC website?

About a six months ago, I stumbled on a new social media site called Posterous. What is posterous? Taken from Posterous’ website; “Posterous lets you post things online fast using email.

If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world.

Posterous is NOT a micro blog.”  You can use Posterous to post to almost every social media site out there. If a site isn’t listed, just wait, they will add it once the site takes off. But it doesn’t hurt to shoot the staff a quick email with the request to add it to their lists.

With Posterous you can send photos, audio files, links, documents and videos. You can even send both at the same time. It will figure it out and post it for you. The files supported by Posterous are:

http://www.posterous.com file types

If you send multiple picture(s) to Posterous, it will resize to a web-friendly format and when you post multiple pictures in post, it will create a gallery.

When attaching music, (soundfiles) the system will send the mp3 to a eb app that plays mp3s and it will drop in place on our blog.

When sending video, they will transcode your video so that it can be viewed in a flash player to view in any browser. It’s even setup so it can be played on an Iphone without using flash! They will host most videos files, so there is no extra work with uploading to a hosting site and then setting up the links. Posterous will do the hard work for you.

If you add links to your message you do not have to worry about adding the HTML coding, Posterous will set this up for you. If you send a YouTube link of a video to Posterous, it will automatically link and embedd the video right there on our site!

Posterous also offers autopost. Autopost is where you post to Posterous and Posterous will then go out to your linked social media accounts and post them for you. Such as if you use Flickr, you can upload your pictures to Posterous and Posterous will then go to Flickr and post them to Flickr. This will work with Facebook, Twitter, and many other soical media sites.


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