IFC 2018 – JOIN US! Be part of live ‘Musical Project’ performance: FEATURE and PLAY


Feature and Play

Hello Authors!
Our Feature and play: Musical Project is a unique happening taking place at the 44th IFC in Prague.
Be there when history will be made! 

We as authors all know the story.
We need to listen to everyone.
We need to hear everyone.
And very often we need to be quiet.
But what happens if we are loud?
If we want to be listened to?
If we can finally be heard?


  • Do you play a musical instrument?

  • Do you like singing or moving with rhythm?

  • Or just want to have some fun?

  • Join us!

Composing a radio feature is in many ways similar to composing a song

So why not compose a song together?
Tell us what music instrument you play and we will provide you with one in Prague!

Be part of this special event!
Join us during a live jam session!
Are you too shy to play before an audience?
No worries!
Record your music and send it to us!
We will create a special IFC song made from music recorded by IFC people!

Are you asking, who “we” are?
We are two Czech musicians and feature makers – Tereza Reková and Ivan Studený.
We love music and we love features.
Both of us play in bands, we compose music and we know that music can connect people in so many ways and on so many levels.

Are you sad because you want to join us but you don´t play any musical instrument?
Don´t worry!
You can sing!
Because yes, there will be words to sing!
You say you can´t sing?
Well let´s dance!
Let´s enjoy the pure musical energy all around us!

Two options:

“I want to be a part of the live performance”

  1. Excellent!
  2. We are waiting for your message ready to share some notes and other materials.
  3. There will be only one meeting on Monday 21th May afternoon before the performance on Tuesday 22th May.
  4. Don’t be nervous to choose this form of involvement.
  5. Your part will be composed appropriately to your skills, and there will be a lot of space for your improvisation during the later jam session.
  6. We understand that e.g. the piano is not very appropriate instrument for transporting by plane.
    So if you are not able to transport your instrument just let us know!
    We will provide you one in Prague!


“I will record my own track”

  1. Excellent!
  2. You can just contact us and receive a few rules, and how to arrange your part to be compatible with others.





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