’10 – [upd] Famous Words “Medidation on a group photo” (by Edwin Brys)


July 1, 2010,

        Edwin Brys start a new live (65-retired)

As I’m heading now for new radio adventures and cleaning my official VRT office, I’m confronted to some 20 photograhps of Gruppenbild mit Damen und Herren of the IFC since 1990.
But this picture of 2010 is a strong one.

We have to admit that, here , in Hämeenlinna, we all look much more irradiating than ever before. Look to our faces. We never looked so young. An experienced eye will notice it: we all look ALONE, I mean individual, but we also seem to be strongly TOGETHER.

What a bunch of sparkling eyes. The secret of the IFC, mon cher capitaine Leo, is in the intensity of our retinas!

Best to all,
Edwin Brys


4 thoughts on “’10 – [upd] Famous Words “Medidation on a group photo” (by Edwin Brys)

  1. Edwin – I am sorry to hear that you are to take your leave from radio land – it will be a lesser country without your wit & wisdom.You are right about this year’s group photo. I zoomed in and found, yes, it is true: lots of new, younger faces – fantastic! But still many familar ones too, which is a kind of reassurance as well: I won’t feel embarassed if I am lucky enough to get to the IFc again, even as I am losing my hair & what I have left turms white!!One extra comment I would make (from the Southern Hemisphere) is that even among the new ones, I see mainly pale faces: there is so little colour here! Can I suggest this is the next challenge for the IFC (for all of us as European style public broadcasters in fact) – to locate the voices – and the faces – of experiences and ideas beyond our own familar cultural certainty. These are voices we need to find in our own organisations and cultures, not even from ‘outside’, from somewhere exotic. Perhaps next year in Hilversum will be an ideal opportunity to seek a greater cultureal inclusiveness. (Needless to say, I have An Idea – but more of that later….)Edwin – the very best of good wishes for life after VRT – I am sure you will continue as creative force, no matter where you focius your energy.regardsTony MacGregor ABC, Sydney

  2. Dearest Edwin,I wish you great happiness and joyous adventures in your post VRT radio life. I am in the process of discovering this world myself. What an inspiration you have been, and a champion for all who wanted to explore the radio possibilities – first meeting you at Berlin 1993 IFC with Every Day Something Disappears, and last time in Chicago for Radio Across Time Zones. Stay in touch dear Edwin.

  3. title : new mail address Edwin BrysDear Friends, Thanks for the nice words on this site and for the best wishes recorded at the last IFC in Helsinki. Merci to Leo , Lisbeth, Brigitte, Barbro , Lorelei , Kaye, René, Elisabeth, Simon , Laurent, Katarina , Harri ,Liam ,Robyn , Tony , Jean-Claude, Julie, Joanna, Willem, Hanna, Stephen, Eva, Ruth, and for my sisters and brothers of the EBU Master School and so many other beautiful minds en faces.I quit VRT , my home station, but we can stay in touch. And I’m sure , we will meet again. My new e-mail : edwin.brys@skynet.bemobile : +32-475-651649I will get up later now, and start my aperitif earlier. That is at least an attempt to bring structure in my new life. My future will be more horizontal than vertical. It says what is says. And it sounds good!à bientôt, les amis!Edwin

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