St. John’s radio producer and documentary maker Chris Brookes has died (79)

Deep sadness at learning that the great radio producer Chris Brookes has died.

Christopher Robert Brookes.
(December 18, 1943  –  April 10, 2023) Passed suddenly away on April 10, at the age of 79, as the result of a tragic accident.

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2 thoughts on “St. John’s radio producer and documentary maker Chris Brookes has died (79)

  1. Dear Willem, What absolutely terrible news. Thank you for letting people know.

    Chris was such a wonderful, apparently laid back member of our community that I always found it hard to get a handle on what he really really felt. With an enigmatic smile, Chris exuded wisdom, and an eccentric charm that always left me slightly mystified, as he wheeled his bicycle through the halls of whatever radio was playing host to the IFC that year. Chris rarely got the bus to events downtown from the Haus des Rundfunks: he took his bike – and went his own way. And in life, too, I always felt, that’s how Chris liked it. I remember his passion for innovation and the way, even in his later years, he was using geolocated sound to tell stories with excitement and commitment. His voice is in my ears as I write, husky, delicately Canadian, emanating from his Biblical white hair and beard. And I shall never forget – I think it was in Hameenlinna – when Chris performed an analysis of Who Killed Lolita? by Mehdi Ahoudig that completely revealed a deep religious significance beneath this masterpiece. “Brilliant and penetrating” we all agreed, it was a true masterclass by a true master of audio feature making. Canada, radio and we shall be much the poorer for dear Chris’s death.

    Best S Simon ElmesRadio Documentarist and Creative Consultant Mobile: (+44) 7769 660704 Email:  Stand with Ukraine

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