Enter Your Audio into #IFC2019

Each year we search for the best and most inspiring audio documentaries from across the globe. We listen to them, discuss, critique – and tease out the ways in which we all tell stories.

#IFC2019 is open to all aspects of factual audio storytelling. That includes a radio feature, a radio documentary, a podcast, radio stories, a series, a short documentary – or anything in between.

This year, the format of #IFC2019 will be:

  • Story Showcase will feature selected entries in which an outstanding aspect is listened to and discussed.
  • The Full Story will allow for selected entries to be heard in full and discussed.To have your work considered for inclusion at #IFC2019, please submit your audio by Sunday, 13 January 2019.Your entry will need to include:
  • Entries must have been aired, produced or released since January 1st, 2018
  • Your entire audio piece. We no longer consider excerpts of programmes for pre-selection. Full entry durations are limited to 60 minutes. If you’re entering a series, please enter a single part.
  • An exact English-language translation of your entry in full. English-language entries must include an English-language transcript of your entry in full.
  • A brief synopsis of your production (100 words)Please bear in mind that each year, the number of audio entries into the IFC considerably exceeds the time available to listen to them, so regretfully the EBU Features Group (#IFC2019 selection committee) will have to make choices.

#IFC2019 is fully booked out. However, if you enter a piece of audio and if it gets selected to air at the conference, you will be guaranteed a place at #IFC2019.

Entry upload details #IFC2019

To upload your entry (both audio/scripts):

All entries to be uploaded to https://soundcloud.com/ [Upload your script/English translation (in pdf) to Dropbox or Google Drive and put the URL link in the Soundcloud “Description” field]

You then e-mail the Soundcloud url link for your entry, the English translation and your entry synopsis to: ifc2019@rte.ie

The EBU Features Group will meet on 4-5 February 2019 in Cork, Ireland to select the productions to be heard at #IFC2019.

All entrants will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of the pre-selection process immediately after this meeting.



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