‘Planery Session’ -video

The climate crisis concerns us all.
But to address the biggest challenge of all we need the most diversity we can.
More and more climate activists are wondering and debating how and why inside the movements there’s been a lack of representation of minorities and diverse voices, and a prevalence of whitesplaining.
(The podcast series Mothers of Invention is a successful attempt to display a different perspective on solutions to climate change.)
How do we tell stories from and about countries and communities which are going to be the most affected by the effects of climate change?


Marco Motta

I work for the Italian public radio channel Radio3, where I’m producer and host of the daily science radio show Radio3Scienza, and cohost of Expat, which tells stories of young italians who chose to migrate and live abroad.
I also collaborated with Radio Svizzera Italiana and Radio Colonia – Westdeutscher Rundfunk, and I teach a class at the Master in science communication of università di Roma La Sapienza.


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