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The International Feature Conference (IFC) brings together documentary makers from all over Europe and the world to showcase some of the finest radio features and podcasts. The West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR) is delighted to host the 47th International Feature Conference in Cologne, Germany. The conference will be virtual and takes place from 15 to 18 May 2021.

This year´s IFC will present 21 radio features from 15 countries. The whole spirit of the IFC is about sharing expertise and cross-cultural exchange. So we are looking forward to as much interaction and exchange as possible with participants from around the world.

The power of narrative!

Watch the Opening Ceremony | Sat 7pm CET

In these times where beliefs seem to be more important than facts, and where conspiracies are called theories, the narrative of a story is becoming more and more important.

This year’s theme The Power of Narrativeis an open invitation to discuss the narratives we as journalists disseminate.

Today the question is not only how to narrate a story, but more crucially:  What kind of story am I going to tell? Which perspective do I adopt? Am I transparent about my motivation? And which broader ideas do I serve?

There’s plenty to debate in our discussion groups, workshops and lectures.

Meet our guest speakers

Frederik Obermaier

Foto: Friedrich Bungert/SZ

Bastian Obermayer


Foto: @mirzaodabasi


Foto: Ivo Mayr

IFC 2021 Schedule

To view the programme audio, click on the red link of that day (not the individual programme names)

CETSat May 15Sun May 16Mon May 17Tue May 18
More Than One Episode

Research for Feature Series with Jasper Corbett – The Grenfell Tower Inquiry (BBC, UK) and Ronan Kelly – GunPlot (RTE, Ireland)
Telling stories with immersive sound

By Henning Schmitz (Sound engineer and Musician, Germany)
Åke Blomström Award

With Tim Desmond (chairman) and the winner 2021
4pm Discussion Group
Meet the Maker

A Group leader: Laurence Grissell (BBC, UK)

Corona – Diary of an Acquaintance (ORF, Austria)

A Person in a Spacesuit (LRT, Lithuania)

B Group leader: Vita Licyte (LRT, Lithuania)

Coach and Abuser (NRK, Norway)

Fly or Die (Åke Blomström Award winner 2020)

C Group leader: Charlotte Rouault (freelancer, France)

Offspring behind bars (BR, Germany)

Lawless Countryside (SR, Sweden)
Discussion Group
Meet the Maker

A Group leader: Claudia Gschweitl (ORF, Austria)

Anatomy of Fear (Audioteka, Czech Republic)

Gardiens de la Paix (ARTE radio, France)

B Group leader: Daria Corrias (RAI, Italy)

Reading the water (BBC, UK)

The Thunderstorm (RTP, Portugal)

C Group leader: Agnieszka Czyżewska-Jacquemet (Polskie Radio, Poland)

The Little Shop of Secrets (RTE, Ireland)

Transit Marseille (DLF Kultur, Germany)
Discussion Group
Meet the Maker

A Group leader: Willem Davids (freelancer, Netherlands)

My friend Zuzka
(Czech Radio, Czech Republic)

I will tell you about me (Guide Invisibili, Italy)

B Group leader: Gabriela Hermer (rbb, Germany)

My last wish (ABC, Australia)

Beyond all expectations (RAI, Italy)

C Group leader: Sarah Blake (RTE, Ireland)

Songs of Awakening (Radio Bialystok, Poland))

Nicaragua Libre (SWR, Germany)
Investigative Journalism and Networks

With Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany)
How Language shapes the Narrative

With Kübra Gümüşay (Author, Germany)
Investigative Interventions: Where Journalism ends and Activism starts

With Jean Peters (Tactical Media Artist, Peng! Collective, Germany)
7pmOpening Ceremony

With Edita Kudláčová (EBU Head of Radio), Silvia Lahner (chairwoman EBU Feature
Group) and Tom Buhrow (Director General, WDR)

Music by zeitblom feat. miako klein

Visuals: carolin röckelein & damien daufresne
Listening Theatre

Oury Jalloh, Feature series in 5 episodes (WDR, Germany)
Listening Theatre

Death Row Book Club (BBC, UK)
Listening Theatre

It´s all their fault (RTV, Slovakia)