Sunday, 16th May 2021

Special – 15.00 CET

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More Than One Episode

Feature Series

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry, BBC UK
Jasper Corbett

The BBC’s Grenfell Tower Inquiry podcast reports from the public inquiry into the west London fire which killed 72 people. Starting in 2018, the inquiry has heard nearly a thousand hours of evidence, from hundreds of witnesses. As well as regular news reports, the podcast team have made several documentaries by pulling together stands of evidence. In 2020 Grenfell: Flat 142 was awarded a special commendation in the Radio Documentary category of the Prix Europa. ​​​​​​​

Link to Website: The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Podcast

Gun Plot, RTE Ireland
Ronan Kelly

“GunPlot” is an 8-part podcast and a 50-documentary recalling a government crisis in 1970, when two cabinet ministers were sacked and charged with conspiring to import black market guns into Ireland. It was alleged that they intended to send them to beleaguered Catholics in the North of Ireland. 

Link to Website: Gunplot

Meet t​​​​​​​he Maker – 16.00 CET

Discussion Group A

Group leader

Laurence Griss​​ell (BBC, UK)


Corona. Diary of an acquaintance (ORF, Austria)
Janina Böck-Koroschitz

March 2020. The corona virus has arrived in Austria. Concurrently, the author, Janina Böck-Koroschitz, starts keeping an audio diary. [Read more…]

A Person in a Spacesuit (LRT, Lithuania)
Sigita Vegytė

Over spring 2020, Lithuania diagnosed 1,676 cases of the novel coronavirus, while 71 people died of the disease it caused. Lithuania was lauded as a success story of containing the pandemic during its first wave. [Read more…]

Discussion Group B

Group leader

Vita Licyte (LRT, Lithuania)


Coach and Abuser (NRK, Norway)
Anne Kari Løberg

Nearly 40 years after the former track and field athlete Tor Solbakken was exposed to sexual abuse by his coach, he can not keep it a secret anymore. [Read more…]

Fly or Die (Åke Blomström Award winner 2020)​​​​​​​
Marta Medvešek

28 years ago, a man found an injured baby stork. Shot in the wing, she couldn’t fly. She was predestined to die. But the man saved her. She still couldn’t fly, but she stayed alive. The man changed her destiny. [Read more…]

Discussion Group C

Group leader

Charlotte Rouault (freelancer, France)


Offspring behind bars (BR, Germany)
Ralf Bücheler / Frank Wierke

When their son or daughter has to go to prison, the parents get punished as well. They struggle with feelings of guilt and shame as well as financial problems. [Read more…]

Lawless Countryside (SR, Sweden)
Sigrid Edsenius

For more than a decade a little village in the south of Sweden has been a centre for drug dealing and the handling of stolen goods. In the middle of this idyllic farming community the police are on surveillance duty. Their eyes rest upon a particular cottage. [Read more…]

Plenary – 17.00 CET

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Investigative Journalism and Research Networks

With Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany)

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters and bestselling book authors at the Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s leading broadsheet. Together they are part of an investigative team which initiated the Panama Papers as well as the Paradise Papers-revelations.

Listening Theatre – 19.00 CET

Oury Jalloh and the Dead Men at Dessau Police Station
Margot Overath (WDR, Germany)

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