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Part 1
Italy / Spain / Denmark / Poland / Ireland / Croatia / UK / Sweden

🎙Documentaries & Discussions

1.1 BRACCIO 5 – Andrea Cocco – RAI – Italy
Braccio 5 – radio signals from Regina Coeli prison is the result of a radio laboratory realized inside the oldest existing prison in Rome, Italy. From 15 April to 22 June 2018 a group of detainees meet every week in the institute’s multimedia room, located under section 5 …
[26 min – subtitled video]

1.2 THE SPY GIRL – Isabel Cadenas Cañón – IND – Spain
When Rosana was a little girl, her favourite game was to play the spy: she would find a lot of mysteries in her house that she didn’t understand. The biggest mystery of all: that her mother disappeared from home without explanation …
[32 min – subtitled video]

1.3 ON THE BLOODY TRAIL OF A DANE PART 1 – Torben Brandt – DR – Denmark
In June 2015, photographer Jørn Stjerneklar and journalist Helle Maj meet a Dane Peter Frederiksen in South Africa.
Three years later, Peter Frederiksen was sent to jail for two times life plus 51 …

[26 min – subtitled video]

1.4 I AM A HUMAN EAR – Kasia Michalak – RADIO LUBLIN – Poland
Svetlana Alexandrovna Alexievich is a Belarusian investigative journalist, essayist and oral historian who writes in Russian […] A feature by Kasia Michalak is a personal account of her meeting …
[33 min – subtitled video]

1.5 DEATH: DON’T LEAVE IT TO THE LAST MINUTE – Michael Lawless – RTÉ – Ireland
81 Year old Gray Cahill emailed the Documentary On One, asking why don’t you make a documentary on how I am preparing for my death? Wanting to know more, we sent our youngest documentary maker Michael Lawless …
[41 min – subtitled video]

The story of Carpathia, the ship best known for heading into the precarious rescue of people from the Titanic on April 15, 1912.
It is also the story of …

[46 min – subtitled video]

1.7 A RACIST MUSIC – Steven Rajam – BBC – UK
‘A Racist Music’ tells the story of John Powell (1882-1963), a musician who was once amongst the most famous in America: a composer and pianist who filled concert halls in Berlin, London and Los Angeles, and who was invited to private audiences with President Roosevelt …
[44 min – subtitled video]

1.8 GAMER PART 1 -THE MURDER PLAN – Emelie Rosén – SR – Sweden
What happens when things go really wrong for children and young people in the gaming world, without any adults watching? …
[24 min – subtitled video]

🎥 ’Meet the Makers’ – Part 1


Host: Vaida Pilibaityté (LRT/Lithuania)

🎥 ’Planery Sessions’ -video

“CREATING YOUR OWN STYLE” – Grete Strøm – NRK – Norway
Norwegian Grete Strøm from NRK shares her way of making the Lord of the Ring Pulls, ‘Prix Europa’ winner of best radio doc series 2019.
[36 min]

“PRODUCING DIVERSITY -in the Europeanpublic service” – Tiziano Bonini – University of Siena – Italy
What does it mean to produce diversity for the public service?
What are the production conditions that facilitate the cultural diversity of public service media products?

[24 min]

Part 2
Sweden / Germany / Italy / Norway / Portugal / Czech Republic / Belgium / Germany

🎙Documentaries & Discussions

2.1 THE ART HEIST (1:6)-A CLEVER PLAN – Sara Lundin, Hugo Lavett – SPOTIFY – Sweden
November 8, 1993. A shrill scream resounds through the rooms of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.
A shocked janitor has discovered a hole in the roof of the exhibition hall …

[28 min – subtitled video]

2.2 4 DAYS OF FEAR  – Till Ottlitz  – BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK – Germany
19 year old Bärbel wants to flee communist Eastern Germany. Her family has contacted a group of rogue US soldiers who help refugees cross the border at famous Checkpoint Charlie. But then, everything goes wrong …
[24 min – subtitled video]

2.3 MY 4 STARS LIFE -DALILA’S DIARY – Alice Gussoni – RAI – Italy
Over 7 months Dalila has recorded a sound diary of her days, offering a very intimate listening point that goes directly to the heart of the problem.
The sounds of everyday life …

[28 min – subtitled video]

2.4 TREHOLT-THE SPY PART 1 – Line Alsaker – NRK – Norway
On January 24, 1984, Arne Treholt, a well-known Norwegian career diplomat and politician leaves the Foreign Ministry in Oslo, on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Vienna. Hours later he is sitting in a police interrogation room, under arrest, charged with spying for the Soviet Union …
[34 min – subtitled video]

2.5 HEARING THE EYES – Rita Colaço – ANTENA 1 – Portugal
Telmo Baldé’s eyes blinded almost three years ago due to a brain tumor …
Through binaural sound technology, the listener tries to put himself in Telmo’s ears …

[31 min – subtitled video]

2.6 THE MAN WHO PLANTS THE TREES – Alena Blažejovská – ČESKÝ ROZHLAS – Czech Republic
The author of the documentary, Alena Blažejovská, met the hero of the well-known story by Jean Giono in the shape of forester Jiří Nohel …
[57 min – subtitled video]

2.7 JULIE – Joyce de Badts – IND – Belgium
Julie is born in Congo in 1951.
At this time, Congo is still a colony of Belgium.
The first seven years she grows up in a world which she recalls as paradise …

[38 min – subtitled video]

2.8 KINGDOM OF SILENCE – Jakob Weingartner – WDR/DLF/ORF – Germany
Saydnaya military prison, in the Damascus mountains, is known as a death factory […] The author, Jakob Weingartner, has spent a period of two years documenting the statements from interviewees …
[53 min – subtitled video]

🎥 ’Meet the Makers’ – Part 2


Host: Ylva Lindgren (SR/Sweden)

🎥 ’Planery Session’ -video

The climate crisis concerns us all […] How do we tell stories from and about countries and communities which are going to be the most affected by the effects of climate change?
[17 min]

🎥 ’Special Session’ -video

ÅKE BLOMSTRÖM AWARD 2019-2020 – Presentation: Edwin Brys & Simon Elmes
They were expected to shine on stage at the IFC in Rome in May , the three radio talents from the ‘Ake Blomström Award 2019-2020’ …
[39 min]

Part 3
France / Austria / Finland / Jordan / Russia / Denmark / Chile

🎙Documentaries & Discussions

3.1 UNDER THE OTHER PAIN – Charlotte Rouault – RTS – France/Switzerland
When we think about prison, we see the bars and the cells, the prisoner who lives isolation with his body. But this total institution extends far beyond its walls its coercive power, which spreads like a wave …
[56 min – subtitled video]

3.3 WEILLING, THE PLACE AND ITS PEOPLE – Claudia Gschweitl – ORF – Austria
Weilling, the Place and its People.
The Birth, Death, and second Death of the Author Max Maetz.
An Investigation by Claudia Gschweitl …

[39 min – subtitled video]

3.4 THE REVENGE OF A WOMAN – Suvi Tuuli Kataja – YLE – Finland
The Revenge of a Woman is an audio series which blends together fact and fiction. The main character of the series, Saila, reflects her life …
[16 min – subtitled video]

3.5 ABORTION – Ban Barkawi – IND – Jordan
The program’s host, explores people’s encounters with divorce, reproductive health services and sexual orientation; topics rarely discussed in Arab society and tainted by the word “eib” or “shame” …
[15 min – subtitled video]

3.6 BOTS AND SPAMMERS DATING CLUB – Vladimir Kryuchev – IND – Russia
This piece creates a world populated by anonymous telephone bots and spammers whose annoying calls – in real world – have become a part of many people’s lives …
[15 min – subtitled video]

3.7 A LATE BLOOMING – Nanna Hauge Kristensen – RADIO24SYV  – Denmark
Jørgen is 95 years old and has lived two lives. One as a husband and father, and one where he could be himself. As a young man, he falls deeply in love with a man. It’s the 1940s, and he marries a woman …
[42 min – subtitled video]

3.8 CROSSES IN THE DESERT – Catalina May – IND – Chile
In ‘Crosses in the desert’ Las Raras accompanies a retired man who puts wooden crosses in the exact places where dead migrant bodies have been found in the Sonoran desert in Arizona.
During this story we can hear the voices of the migrants …

[26 min – subtitled video]

🎥 ’Meet the Makers’ – Part 3


Host: Daria Corrias (RAI/Italy)

🎥 ’Planery Session’ -LIVE

“SÜDEN RADIO LIVE SHOW” – Carola Haupt, Ilaria Gadenz – RADIO PAPESSE – Italy

LIVE STREAM – 4:30 PM [CET] sharp

Süden Radio is listening SOUTH […]
Süden Radio LIVE Show @IFC will present a series of soundworks and authors selected within the first three editions of Süden Radio (2013, 2017, 2019), questioning ideas of identity, geography, porosity, dissonance and imagination.
[+/- 30 min]

‘Virtual IFC 2020’ Team:
Daria Corrias (RAI/Italy)
Kjetil Saugestad (NRK/Norway)
Willem Davids (IFC/The Netherlands)