UNDER THE OTHER PAIN – Charlotte Rouault – RTS – France/Switzerland

subtitled video | 56 min



Sound documentary by Charlotte Rouault – 56 minutes Production RTS Le Labo – Faïdos sonore

When we think about prison, we see the bars and the cells, the prisoner who lives isolation with his body.
But this total institution extends far beyond its walls its coercive power, which spreads like a wave, marking those who are close by.
Thus, while the families of prisoners live outside, they too are affected by the sentence, at different levels of their lives.
By following them in their daily lives, I wanted to put voices, words and sounds about what prison changes and disrupts even in the intimacy of free people, within our society.

With the support of Bourse Gulliver/RTBF/SCAM/SACD France and Belgium/SSA Pro Litteris – Illustration: Mathilde Rouault

Produced by

Charlotte Rouault


6 thoughts on “UNDER THE OTHER PAIN – Charlotte Rouault – RTS – France/Switzerland


    I always imagined hell as a noisy place.
    In Charlotte Rouault’s feature hell is a walk through the city to the next visit in a detention centre: the prison in your head that you never get rid of, the knowledge of the lost time, the encounters that did not take place, the separation from the child/man/brother, although he only lives around the corner.
    This is a strong piece that turns the spotlight around and illuminates those who normally don´t get any attention.

  2. Oh Solitude. And how precise these women talk about pain. Goosebumps radio in the noblest sense of the word. Great sense of details : a mother who worries if her son has a good enough pillow. Superb, simple, powerful.

  3. Thank you so much for your feedbacks, thank you Leslie for your opening statement. It feels really good to share with you this work that has been a difficult journey. Fortunately, I had the tool of documentary to protect myself, and the prisoners’ families I met were very nice and caring.

  4. In my oppinion, this is very difficult topic but the author handles it very well and with great respect, creating powerful documentary piece.
    Usually we only see the the other side in medias – the people that are imprisoned and their thoughts – not the families and their struggles, feelings, what they are going through. Maybe it wasn’t easy to listen to personal stories of women and their emotions, pains, worries – but after listening to the whole piece and thinking about it, I have feeling that for us as society it’s really necessary to listen and talk about this much more.
    I also found the work with sounds and words really interesting and immersive.
    Thank you!

  5. Thank you very much Nikola. One of my main concerns while I was editing was that the listener doesn’t get stuck in the pain but that he/she can hear it so that it opens up tracks of reflection about confinement, prison system, but also about family love, the place of women in it… Thank you very much for your feedback, I’m sincerely happy if it worked for you.

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