THE REVENGE OF A WOMAN – Suvi Tuuli Kataja – YLE – Finland

subtitled video | 16 min

Audio series: The Revenge of a Woman

Director and scriptwriter: Suvi Tuuli Kataja

The synopsis

The Revenge of a Woman is an audio series which blends together fact and fiction. The main character of the series, Saila, reflects her life with fresh eyes and realizes that excessive kindness has always been a problem for her and a burden. She begins to examine her own aggression, soon to find out that an aggressive woman is still a taboo and different rules apply in regulating the expression of female and male aggression.

Saila’s saga of revenge begins when she gets deliberately run over on a pedestrian crossing. The perpetrator is not caught and Saila does not get any justice. She makes a drastic life change: she stops being nice and humble and decides to no longer merely just settle, please others or be grateful for nothing. First and foremost, she wants to take justice and power back to her own hands and she decides to settle the score. Thus, she embarks on a voyage of systematic vengeance.

Karma is a bitch. And so is Saila.

The Revenge of a Woman is a genre blend between an explorative essay and a tragicomedy. It reflects the passive-aggressive modes of action typical for women through Saila’s acts of revenge. Psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, Elina Reenkola, who has researched female hatred and aggression, is heard through the series as a regular voice, along with other experts and scientists familiar with the topic.

The series investigates the role of the patriarchal society in the expression of female aggression. It also represents instances of revenge familiar from popular culture and literature in a fresh light. Throughout the course of the series, Robocop dealing with shame will be interviewed and Saila will hang out with Darth Vader on the dark side, for example.
The Revenge of a Woman -series portrays the evil within humans in a kind, humoristic fashion, and it brings forth reasons from an evolutionary point of view for why the act of revenge has remained in the human social sphere. It portrays how people ought to recognize their own dark sides instead of denying them.

Yleisradio, the Finnish public broadcasting company, collected revenge fantasies from listeners with an online form to be used in writing the series. The collecting of the revenge fantasies of women actually caused a stir in the yellow press. This proved the makers of the series that the aggression of women still remains a taboo, further underlining the importance of creating this series.

Produced by

Working group of the Woman’s Revenge podcast: producer Eerik Purdon, sound designer Tuomas Skopa, director-screenwriter Suvi Tuuli Kataja, actress Pirjo Heikkilä, playwright Elli Salo, producer Suvi Ahoniemi and composer Jussi Liukkonen. Photo: Ilmari Fabritius


4 thoughts on “THE REVENGE OF A WOMAN – Suvi Tuuli Kataja – YLE – Finland


    “Good girls get run over” – based on that assumption Saila, the main character of the audio series, takes the listener into her world full of injustice, anger and passive aggression.
    Getting angry over an accident she decided to stop being a good and humble person.
    Using scripted but very lifelike scenes (like the dialog with the policeman)
    she demonstrates in a humorous way the raising of her inner voice.
    And this voice in that fast paced story seems to be on a confrontational course.
    Does the narration and the rhythm of the first part of the series make you curious and want you to hear the whole story about the revenge of the women?

    “Women are expected self-control, human relation skills and reconciliation”
    In various ways Saila is looking for answers.
    She wants to find out if getting angry is a matter of gender and why society tends to call angry women hysterical.
    This search for the truth is accompanied by punk music, a new interpretation of snow white and the seven dwarfs and a deconstruction of the inner life of Harry Potter.
    What do you think about the mix of inner voice, dialogs and expert knowledge – does it enrich the narration?
    And how do you feel about the use of music and sounds?

    “Would society treat women better if it was afraid of their revenge”
    Sailas mental journey through the different possibilities of taking revenge leads her to topics like the #Mee-Too debate, to her To-do list of vengeance and to the question if revenge is really a suitable solution.
    What do you think about the mixture of philosophy, humor, cliché and expert knowledge?

  2. I really admire that you were brave enough to go for this topic. Together with some colleauges I produce the very first weekly feminist radio show „Femality“ at Radio Njoy in Vienna, hence I am glad and surprized that you chose to deal with this sepcific stereotype, that still effects womens everyday life, consciously and unconsciously.
    The genre and the implementation of the topic is very exciting. The soundtrack and the numerous elements are an adventure for my ears. However, for me the exciting and thrilling realization also means that I lose myself a little in the story (that I visualize in my head as some kind of comic-strip). I have the need to constantly differentiate between what is true and what is fiction. But maybe just this game is the right way to stimulate your thoughts to reflect and to think once more about the “angry woman” in your everyday life and how this “tought lack of anger” influences the individual life and path as well as society strucutres.
    „You should be thankful that nothing more happened, maybe it’s your own fault that you got run over…“ the whole story is full of everyday advices that we get hear yet so often and I really like the way you kind of make fun of if! The snow white story really made me laugh and it shows how important it is to be aware of gender stereotypes at an early age. Thank you for this inspiring production!

  3. It is very important topic. The sounds make the story very exciting. What I like the most are the references to other works which are connected to Saila in some way. Thank you for this piece.

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