THE ART HEIST (1:6)-A CLEVER PLAN – Sara Lundin, Hugo Lavett – SPOTIFY – Sweden

subtitled video | 28 min

Synopsis for the series:

November 8, 1993.
A shrill scream resounds through the rooms of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm.
A shocked janitor has discovered a hole in the roof of the exhibition hall.

Eight masterpieces by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, valued at 500 million SEK (48 million euro), have disappeared through the hole.
It’s one of the biggest art heists in modern times.
Among the lost paintings were some of art history’s first and most important cubistic paintings.

Many questions surrounding what happened that night has remained unanswered.
Who was the people responsible?
Where did the stolen artworks end up?
Were there buyers waiting to acquire them? Seven of the art works has been found; in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Brussels.
But one is still missing: George Braque’s La Nappe Blanche, painted in 1928.

In Unsolved: The Art Heist journalist Sara Lundin sets out on a quest to unveil the truth behind this spectacular and bizarre art heist, and to find the lost Braque.

The story goes that Swedens most famous criminal, Clark Olofsson, once held La Nappe Blanche in his hands.
In the seventies Clark robbed banks and became infamous for the hostage crisis at Norrmalmstorg, known for coining the term “Stockholm Syndrome”.
During the 90s Clark was involved with dealing with stolen art.
For the first time Clark reveals what he did with La Nappe Blanche.
The traces goes to France, The Netherlands and Spain.
But could it be so that it is back in Stockholm now?

In six episodes, Sara takes the listener on a winding journey through the upper and lower layers of society, into a grey zone with crooks, imposters and art detectives.
She also tells the engaging life story of Georges Braque and his rival ship and friendship with Picasso.

Produced by

Sara Lundin, reporter (photo)
and Hugo Lavett 


6 thoughts on “THE ART HEIST (1:6)-A CLEVER PLAN – Sara Lundin, Hugo Lavett – SPOTIFY – Sweden


    The Art Heist .. is a thrilling story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, as we are drawn into the world of an art heist.
    The narration sets the mysterious tone, and carefully poses the questions to intrigue the listener.
    The dynamic structure follows the journey of the painting, and explores the central characters connected to it.
    Exciting scenes bring the listener to the heart of the action, and well-crafted sound design adds more layers to the story – highlighting key moments, punctuating, adding tension.
    Through a powerful use of all aspects of the medium, the end result is a gripping opening episode of a true crime series, that succeeds in leaving you wanting to hear the next episode.

  2. Hello Sara and Hugo – Elisabeth Stratka, Claudia Gschweitl and me just listened to your intriguing story. Very good rhythm and a good balance between narration and recordings. Half an hour full of suspense. But – a certain lack of atmosphere and no scenes, which we miss a little bit. We would like to undertake an acoustical visit of the locations. The sound design is smooth but without any varieties. We would love to listen to the next episodes.

  3. I have had the pleasure of listening to all of the series. Such a fun and great true crime. Access to the real gangsters are both impressive and entertaining. A dilemma we discussed in the Meet the makers session of Day1, regaring On the bloody trail of a Dane, was if a doc puts criminals in the spotlight to tell entertaining stories. In my opinion there is a reason that crime always horrifies and entertain many of us. In the news, in novels and films, crime is a dark side of life. In this Swedish series it’s fascinating to meet the old gangster who actually comitted the robbery that is the origin of the Stockholm Syndrom. I’m sure he is a brutal notorious criminal. But he is also very cool and a great charachter. I also think I’m much more open to the funny side of this story because it’s about stolen paintings, not violent murders.

  4. I think the script and narration is wonderful with details that really stick with you as a listener. It also feels like Sara is able to create an atmosphere in her interviews that really bring out the best talker possible, impressive.

  5. This was a very flowing work, nice to listen and the story caught my interest right from the beginning. Specially the narrator is great, so natural but still putting her personality in. As a Swedish speaker I will listen rest of the series from Spotify!

    But as Eva Roither, I also found the tempo a bit too fast, would have been interesting to hear more ambience or “uncertainty” between the scenes to create athmosphere. In the beginning there was good use of archives mixed together with commentary, sharp editing.

  6. Thank you so much for listening so carefully and thoughtful. So glad to be a part of this and hope to continue the talk about features and creative processes irl soon.

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