“SÜDEN RADIO LIVE SHOW” – Carola Haupt, Ilaria Gadenz – RADIO PAPESSE – Italy

‘Planery Session’ -live

Since 2013.
Süden Radio is listening SOUTH, trying to problematize its discourse by acknowledging those sound productions and listening practices that both echo back to the new geo-political and cultural panorama and question the way we do listen to reality.

Süden Radio LIVE Show @IFC will present a series of soundworks and authors selected within the first three editions of Süden Radio (2013, 2017, 2019), questioning ideas of identity, geography, porosity, dissonance and imagination.


Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenz

Radio Papesse is an online audio archive devoted to contemporary art; it is a place for the documentation and the articulation of a critical discourse around the visual arts and at the same time it is a radio platform dedicated to sound art, experimental sound and radiophonic productions and distribution.
It has embraced radio not only as a medium but also as a language to communicate art making and art practices today.
Since 2006 Radio Papesse has produced and commissioned new soundworks, challenging artists and producers to rethink the rules of traditional audio storytelling.
Radio Papesse is run by Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenz.


One thought on ““SÜDEN RADIO LIVE SHOW” – Carola Haupt, Ilaria Gadenz – RADIO PAPESSE – Italy

  1. Throughout the years there has always been discussion whether radio art belongs on an IFC.
    Personally, I really like it and miss all the stations that stopped broadcasting this genre at the end of the 90s.
    Today, Italian listeners should be happy with Radio Papesse.

    In this special IFC contribution of 35 minutes Carola Haupt and Ilaria Gadenzze present their choice for this IFC from a (probably) very rich archive: Three parts, performed by a Lebanese, Chilean and Polish maker.
    While listening I try to discover some coherence with the title of this project ‘Suden Radio’ or among themselves, but I realise that this is of course old-fashioned.
    The pieces themselves appeal to the imagination, and that is of course what radio is all about.
    The imagination and my images!
    I would like to hear more, and during this short journey (as it is called), I would like to point out some more from a ‘travel guide’.

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