“PRODUCING DIVERSITY -in the European public sevice” – Tiziano Bonini – University of Siena – Italy

‘Planery Session’ -video

What does it mean to produce diversity for the public service?
What are the production conditions that facilitate the cultural diversity of public service media products?
In this video I will try to answer these questions, by proposing a definition of cultural diversity.


Tiziano Bonini

Tiziano Bonini (PhD in Media, Communication and Public Sphere in 2008, University of Siena) is a researcher in Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes at the Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences, University of Siena.
He deals with radio, social media, digital culture, public media and audience studies.
He has published articles for international media studies journals (Media, Culture & Society; European Journal of Communication; The Radio Journal; Communication & Society).


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