ON THE BLOODY TRAIL OF A DANE PART 1 – Torben Brandt – DR – Denmark

subtitled video | 26 min

A 5 episode true-crime podcast

For Radio P1 DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)

Presented by Helle Maj and Jørn Stjerneklar
Editor-in-Chief and Producer: Torben Brandt
Sound:Jørn Stjerneklar & Torben Brandt

Episode Duration: Max. 27 minutes
Podcast published on 31st Oct 2019
Broadcast premier on DR-FM 1, 27th November 2019

Brief synopsis: 
On the Bloody Trail of a Dane

In June 2015, photographer Jørn Stjerneklar and journalist Helle Maj meet a Dane Peter Frederiksen in South Africa.
Three years later, Peter Frederiksen was sent to jail for two times life plus 51.
This sentenced covered a wide range of crimes, including rape of a minor and murder.
But there were many stories left untold, about how Jørn and Helle and all the others who have been in contact with the Peter Frederiksen over the years, have experienced the feeling of losing their grip on the reality.
This then, also becomes a tale about confusion, turmoil, anxiety – an anxiety so great that one fears losing oneself, not to mention … fear of losing one’s life.

On the Bloody Trail of a Dane – Part 1

“What do you need a silencer for?”

Journalist Helle Maj and photographer Jørn Stjerneklar, are invited to the South African home of thatcher and arms dealer Peter Frederiksen.
He wants to tell them about his amazing life.
After three days of intensive interviewing, they leave Peter Frederiksen.
They are stunned by what they’ve heard, but with the clarity of hindsight, maybe they weren’t as shaken as they should have been.

Produced by

Torben Brandt


7 thoughts on “ON THE BLOODY TRAIL OF A DANE PART 1 – Torben Brandt – DR – Denmark


    This true crime series takes an unusual approach.
    It is not about who did it: the perpetrator is clear from the very beginning.
    This is about his stories and whether or not you can believe them.
    Do the authors fall for him?
    I don’t think so, but the line between emotionally distancing and giving someone centre stage is dangerously narrow.

  2. This is just an amazing story. For me it balances need of information, with mystery. A good motor for a series. But it’s a fine line. I’m extra attracted to this since it is a Dansish story. I’m curious if it works well for all, or if someone feels a bit lost.

  3. Listening to this reminds me of Torben´s „The Moment Interview“, that was one of the most useful workshops for me at HearSay 2019, and I am wondering if this technique was used in this case during production with Jørn and Helle. Or was it all scripted? Storytelling of both journalists is very immersive, hooks are intriguing, tempo of the piece is dynamic, with accurate underlining by sounds in right moments.

    I personally don´t enjoy crime stories so much (especially those about really brutal crimes) but hearing the first episode left me asking for more. Is there any chance to find the whole series translated?

  4. I really don’t know if I have filled in details by myself, or if I really herad them in the piece. It’s an intriguing story, though sometimes i want to hold my hands across my ears no to listen. The crafting of the story is very well done, and I would like to hear the rest of it.
    It is interesting how the reporters mangage to be in both “now” and “then”, without it being disturbing.

    1. Thank you Line. It was our ambition to make the listener feel confronted by the same reality as the one Joern and Helle experience. In the foĺlowing chapters we meet a wide range of people from the past who lived with him and now wonder why they. did not take action. More over there is a psychiatrist in the following 4 chapters analysing how and why the super narcissist (psychopat) act the way he does. All in all we hoped that this could be a lesson in “reading” if there is psycopat in your own circle.

  5. It’s a shame you don’t plan on translating the whole thing. But listening to the first episode, I enjoy how little (or so it seems to me) we hear from the man himself. And when we do, it feels very calm and innocent. Something a little unsettling about that. It’s an interesting choice to speak about some events rather than play/show them. (That is, if they were recorded at all.)

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