Tuesday, 18th May 2021

Special – 15.00 CET

Åke Blomström Award

With Tim Desmond (chairman) and the winner 2021 Dries Hiroux (Belgium), Lena Löhr (Germany) and ​​​​​​​Agnieszka Szwajgier (Poland)

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Meet t​​​​​​​he Maker – 16.00 CET

Discussion Group A

Group leader

Willem Davids (freelancer, Netherlands)


My friend Zuzka (Czech Radio, Czech Republic)
Tereza Reková

On Friday the 13th on her 13th birthday Zuzka was given an unexpected present. She was diagnosed with a tumour on her backbone. The exhausting treatment took a year. When the illness returned 11 years later, Zuzka’s friend, documentary maker Tereza Reková started to record Zuzka. [Read more…]

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I will tell you about me (Guide Invisibili, Italy)
Marco Stefanelli // Mamadou Cellou Diallo

A sound story for a public square created by the students of the second grade (school year 2019-2020) of the Piaget-Diaz High School, Don Bosco district, Rome. A story about love, family, loneliness, bullying and identity, a sound research on the world of adolescence from the perspective of fourteen girls. [Read more…]

Discussion Group B

Group leader

Gabriela Hermer (rbb, Germany) 


My last wish (ABC, Australia)
Helene Thomas

Athol Delaney was nearing 80 when his wife died. To fill the space she left behind, he put all his energy into writing poetry. He had written poetry as a child and he decided that his last wish was to have his poems published. [Read more…]

Beyond all expectations (RAI, Italy)
Marco Rip

Arrived at a blind spot in his professional life, Marco decides to take a break and embark on a walk alone. Started as an escape from a suffocating city and job, it becomes an immersion in listening to himself searching for a sense of belonging, his own space and sound. [Read more…]

Discussion Group C

Group leader

Sarah Blake (RTE, Ireland)


Songs of Awakening (Radio Bialystok, PL)
Alicja Pietruczuk / Żmicier Kościn

Nobody expected this revolution. For years, Belarusians have patiently endured the authoritarian rule of Alexander Lukashenka, tolerated the rigging of elections, stifling protests and the arrest of opposition politicians and human rights activists. [Read more…]

Nicaragua Libre (SWR, Germany)
Lena Löhr

Large murals have marked the streets of Nicaragua since the 1979 revolution. They are part of public communication. But something has changed: in 2018, there were nationwide protests against the government, which responded with brutal violence. [Read more…]

Plenary – 17.00 CET

Investigative Interventions – Where Journalism Ends and Activism Starts

With Jean Peters (Tactical Media Artist, Peng! Collective, Germany)

Jean Peters is an investigative journalist and artist. He studied political science in London and Berlin and founded the tactical media collective Peng! with which he infiltrated several companies, exhibited at several art biennials, and which was awarded the Aachen Peace Prize. In 2018, he co-founded the NGO Seebrücke and 2019, he went undercover in the climate denier scene for the investigative journalism newsroom Correctiv. He also works as author for the comedy late night show ZDF Magazin Royale. Jean Peters lives in Berlin.

Listening Theatre – 19.00 CET

It´s all their fault (RTV, Slovakia)
Terézia Simanová 

An ordinary small town in the western part of Slovakia is solving a big problem: a devastated housing estate where the Roma population predominantly lives. The newly elected mayor decided to solve this problem after years of disregarding and partial actions: join the EU program, create better living conditions for Roma population and at the same time set the new rules for them. [Read more…]

Video will be available after the session