IFC ►|| EURORADIO Features Group – Election rules, Mission statement ▩

1. Right to vote
– Only Active Members have the right to vote and the right of eligibility.

– A Group may decide that, prior to the elections, candidates should publicly state their positions.

2. Quorum
– No quorum requirements apply.

3. Terms of office/re-election
– Each body elects, from among the representatives of Active Members, a Chairman for a period of two consecutive years.

– Post-holders are eligible for re-election.  However, after completion of a second full term, they may be re-elected only if they obtain at least two-thirds of the votes that are cast by those present. 

4. Delegation of voting powers
– Members may delegate their voting power to other Members.  However, no Member may act as proxy for more than one other Member, not counting the Members in its own country.

– (Please note: written notification from the Member delegating its votes must reach the Secretary, Mr Laurent Marceau – Fax: (+41 22) 747 4613; e-mail: marceau@ebu.ch; Address: Ancienne Route 17A, CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland, by no later than 10 May 2013).

5. Majority required
– Except where otherwise specified herein, an absolute majority (i.e. more than half) of the votes validly cast is required.  Abstentions and blank or invalid voting slips are not taken into account in determining the number of votes required for an absolute majority.

6. Election procedure
– For each post to be filled, candidacies will be invited.  The names of all candidates are clearly posted prior to each election.

– Before proceeding to a secret ballot, two tellers from different countries are appointed upon the proposal of the Chairman.

7. Successive rounds of voting
– When voting is inconclusive, there is a second and, if necessary, a third, round of voting.  Any candidates requiring a two-thirds majority shall withdraw after an inconclusive second round of voting, and new candidates may be proposed for the final third round.



https://ifc2.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/ifclogo_1-11.gif?w=150&h=932005 – EURORADIO Features Group – Mission statement

  • The EBU EURORADIO Feature Group (EFG) stimulates the development of the radio documentary/ radio feature by the international exchange of knowledge, skills and experience.


  • It brings different generations of documentary makers with different cultural backgrounds together at the yearly International Feature Conference (IFC), to stimulate a process of learning from each other by listening, analyzing, debating and workshopping in surroundings of confidence in each other’s qualities.


  • The EFG also stimulates the improvement of professional skills of young professionals by special training programmes (like the EBU Master School) or financial support to join the IFC (Ake Blomstrom Grants).


  • The EFG – in close coöperation with the organizing public broadcaster – is responsible for planning the IFC: sets the agenda, selects the programmes for listening sessions, chooses themes for workshops, and compiles the discussion groups and their moderators.


  • Members of the EFG are chosen by EBU elections for a two-year period.



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