HEARING THE EYES – Rita Colaço – ANTENA 1 – Portugal

subtitled video | 31 min


Telmo Baldé’s eyes blinded almost three years ago due to a brain tumor.
Now he is doing therapy in ACAPO – Portuguese Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Associação dos Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal) for Orientation, Mobility and Activities of Daily Living.
For four months, therapist Sónia Manzarra helped him to walk the streets with a white cane.
Antena 1 followed this process; it’s a story that also summons the problems and the challenges of the visually impaired in Portugal.
This is a groundbreaking experience for Portuguese radio stations.
Through binaural sound technology, the listener tries to put himself in Telmo’s ears, in a ‘complete 360-degree’ experience.

“Hearing Eyes” is a great story by Rita Colaço, with Paulo Castanheiro as Sound Designer, in a co-production between Antena1 and iNOVA Media Lab, from the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas – NOVA FCSH).

We advise you to put your earphones on.

Produced by

Rita Colaço


6 thoughts on “HEARING THE EYES – Rita Colaço – ANTENA 1 – Portugal


    You get to know Telmo Baldé, nickname Yoshi, as a calm and friendly guy in his mid-twenties who has lost his eyesight as a grownup man.
    He is the central figure in this programme.
    Describing himself, his tattoos, his family, his circumstances and what he enjoyed before he became blind, Telmo gives the listeners an insight into his real life, his dreams and ambitions.
    His immediate goal currently is to find his cousins house on his own.
    With the only support of his white cane.
    What is your impression about the aim of the story?

    The listener accompanies Telmo along his way through noises and possible traps and witnesses how he tries to get familiar with his invisible surroundings.
    What can happen to a blind person walking on his own on the sidewalks of the city.
    Where does the danger lurk.
    The therapist Sónia Manzarra teaches Telmo to find orientation alone.
    What do you think about the use of sounds and ambience?

    The extraordinary thing about this story is also the binaural sound technology.
    This technology should give the listener the impression to hear through Telmo’s ears and to get a ‘complete 360-degree’ experience.
    Did it work for you?

    In the course of history we get to know some persons who deal with the topic of blind and visually impaired people in a professional and political capacity
    (like Anna Sofia Antunes, Secretary of State for Inclusion in Portugal, the first blind member of government)
    What did we learn about how blind people are treated in society?

    Telmo wants to find his cousins house on his own and he has achieved this goal after 3 months.
    Did the story told in binaural sound technology succeed as well?

  2. Greetings Rita.
    According to my opinion the connection between the theme of the feature and use of binaural sound technology matched perfectly together. The idea to mediate via the sound the perspective of the blind person helps listener to get to know better the problematics and experience all those daily basis situations on their own from the first person point of view. The sound composition is very rich and evokes that we are in the identical location and space same as main protagonist and things are happening instantly around us and we are more capable to „see“ what Telmo could „see“ through his ears. All informations about Telmo based on interview were precisely detailed which helps listener more understand the situation in which Telmo has to identify with his new disablity.

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