GAMER PART 1 -THE MURDER PLAN – Emelie Rosén – SR – Sweden

subtitled video | 24 min


What happens when things go really wrong for children and young people in the gaming world, without any adults watching?

In the four part documentary series “Gamer” Emelie Rosén, with the help of 14-year-old Victor, investigates cases when children have suffered badly, and the adult world fails to take responsibility.

Produced by

Emelie Rosén

Emelie Rosén is an award-winning investigative reporter at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation.
Her stories focus on issues that are important for those not commonly represented in the media, such as children and youths.

Photo: Mattias Ahlm/Swedish Broadcasting Corporation


7 thoughts on “GAMER PART 1 -THE MURDER PLAN – Emelie Rosén – SR – Sweden


    An investigative documentary should be judged differently than other programs.
    “The Gamer” has ambitions to take us into the sometimes scary world of youth, gaming and chatting.
    In my mind the narrator gives this production a successful personal approach. Using a fake profile she gets inside the online gaming world.
    A big survey and investigations tells about a tuff online chat, with racism, sexism and violent language for kids and young adults.

    At the core of the documentary is the story of a violent attack in a Swedish school. We get inside info by one of the close online friends of the perpetrator.
    Voices are replaced by young actors.
    You miss some closeness, but it’s really well done and a professional production.

    This entry is just the first episode.
    A lot of elements have to be established in the two story lines.
    I would listen on, hoping to get more new insight and a closer understanding of a violent crime committed by a minor.

  2. Emelie tells her story full of supense, the narration is very precise and full of details. What a pity that I cannot listen to the other parts – I think this program gives the listener a unique opportunity to understand the dynamics of gaming platforms.

  3. I really like the start – it is promising, and tells me that this will be a really big story. Although the voices have been replaced, I find the actors very believable. (Being norwegian I understand swedish). The narrator has deep insight in this dark world, and holds the listener’s hand throughout this episode. Impressive!

  4. A very good insight into chatrooms, and I appreciate the fundamental research, that Emilie did. Replacement of Victors voice – very well done, although I think, that his voice would have told me something about him too. Its an important topic.

  5. What a great series! A really interesting topic, very well told! I liked the fact that the feature didnt draw the easy conclusion that gaming leads to violence, but that it’s more difficult than that. I didn’t know about those platforms, where children seem to have their own hidden scene. It reminded me a little bit of the novel “Lord of the Flies”, where the children are alone on an island and then things become violent…

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and comment! I think this possibility for discussions is incredibly valuable. In normal times, but even more now during the pandemic when so many other occasions for creative exchanges have been canceled. Thank you!

  7. According to my opinion this feature is great example of very qualitative investigative work. I appreciate the way how author handles the topic about dark side of videogames. Her engagement to the gaming community through fake profile is great method how to elucidate view on this community, moreover how they communicate via chat discussions. Listening evokes in the audience strong emotions because of witnesses statement about suicide. I enjoyed how feature escalates and has tendences to go deeper to the subject. I would be also interested if there was more of respondents from the social background of children that we hear about. For example parents, teachers or friends. (But I will look after sequels of this documentary feature; I hope author will go even deeper.) I was interested in this topic especially because I was also part of this world and have experience with gaming myself. The environment explicitly shows sex, violence and vulgar language which should not be accessible for children and author very sophisticatedly points out on this problematic.

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