ENTAGLED – Vivien Schütz – IND – Germany

subtitled video | 42 min

Radio talent from the Ake Blomström Award 2019-2020


Zelda Wigs sits on an unassuming block in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, behind a frosted window store front.
Owner Zelda Volkov is a 28-year-old mother of three, now divorced, who has chosen not to cover her hair anymore.
But Zelda’s customers include Sarah, a 27-year-old Jewish Instagram Influencer and wig promoter from Crown Heights, and Yetta, a 29-year-old mom who lives in Philadelphia.
She feels very much connected to God but is now facing a dilemma over whether to continue covering her hair or not.

Vivien Schütz follows Zelda, Sarah and Yetta as they try to navigate a line between their feelings, hopes and desires and the societal, marital and spiritual expectations of their religion.

Coach: Conor Garrett

Written, recorded, edited and mixed by

Vivien Schütz


2 thoughts on “ENTAGLED – Vivien Schütz – IND – Germany

  1. I was amazed by the fact that Vivien got access to this community and even more, how she was able to record such intimate scences! A really fascinating portrait!

  2. A very well done portrait of what hair might mean to a religious woman´s identity. It was fascinating to hear members of Lubavitch community deconstructing one of the formal demands of their religion. Great chose of characters, with slightly different attitudes, that fit into a final puzzle elegantly.

    As Claudia wrote, your ability to get so close to this community is admirable. Have the members put any pressure on you to authorize the result of your wok? Could you please tell us more about how the scene of the talk between a couple about leaving a house with or without a wig was recorded? Were you present? And one more question – was or is this piece going to be broadcast somewhere? 🙂

    Great work, Vivien, I enjoyed listening to it a lot!

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