“CREATING YOUR OWN STYLE” – Grete Strøm – NRK – Norway

‘Planery Session’ -video

If you want to tell a big documentary story, your personal style is very important.
But how can you create your own universe of words and sound?
Norwegian Grete Strøm from NRK shares her way of making the Lord of the Ring Pulls, ‘Prix Europa’ winner of best radio doc series 2019.
[Password: BOX2020]


Grete Strøm
Documentary maker Norwegian Broadcasting Compagny


5 thoughts on ““CREATING YOUR OWN STYLE” – Grete Strøm – NRK – Norway

  1. I really loved this presentation! The “Lord of the ring pulls” is an audio piece absolutely amazing and also the way you built the narrative arch of this video was fundamental to keep me watching it till the very last second. Congratulations and thank you for this!

  2. Very inspiring video that was entertaining as well. I am dissapointed I haven´t found your YouTube channel! 🙂 Please let me know if you make any more 🙂

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