IFC 2014: Unblocking Our Brains – So What Now?

So now that we all (well, some) of us agree that the radio documentary needs to enter the digital field: What exactly is it that prevents us from taking action? Lack of insight: Many colleages and managers still have not yet understood that the digital revolution outreaches the one when radio emerged 90 years ago. … More IFC 2014: Unblocking Our Brains – So What Now?

IFC 2014: My Escape

My Escape (#minflykt, Sweden) is a project about finding escape stories in order to “make a collective memory come to life”, as its producer Robert Barkman puts it. It is a radio, web and social media based crowd sourcing project that inspired hundreds of listeners and users to share their moving stories about their families’ … More IFC 2014: My Escape

IFC 2014: Why Are You Taping Me Making Coffee?

Why Are You Taping Me Making Coffee? by Mariannick Bellot (Libération, France) is part of an award-winning multimedia programme on documentary making. Three radio doc makers (Mehdi Ahoudig, Angélique Tibau, Béatrice Leca) are reflecting on their life and work, thus painting an acoustic portrait of a passion that is able to turn journalism into a … More IFC 2014: Why Are You Taping Me Making Coffee?

IFC 2014: People of M10

People of M10, the multimedia project by Nadine Kreuzahler, Jenny Marrenbach and Johannes Nichelmann, rbb (Germany), tells people’s stories from the Berlin tram line number M10. Five-minute pieces of original sound are subtly visualized by black-and-white photo stills (and yet deliberately not showing the speakers); M10 passengers are freely talking about what they are up … More IFC 2014: People of M10

IFC 2014: Digezz – Teaching Multimedia

Digezz is a multimedia platform of the University of Applied Sciences Chur, Switzerland, for multi-, cross- and transmedia formats produced by students. Digezz is featuring arts, photography, art design, information graphics, radio and video. Digezz is a platform targeted at young people with a special interest in media and arts throughout German-speaking Europe, at professional … More IFC 2014: Digezz – Teaching Multimedia

IFC 2014: Grandma’s War

Grandma’s War by Ida Karine Gullvik (Norway) is the author’s award-winning story about her grandmother’s shocking fate during World War II. It is an intriguing personal journey into a past beyond collective convictions of nazi villains and Norvegian bravery, a disturbing quest for historic and individual truth.

IFC 2014: Hear the Stars in Heaven Turning

Hören, wie die Sterne kreisen (Hear the Stars in Heaven Turning) by Astrid Alexander (Germany) is a documentary on Marianne Kaiser, an 80 years old dominant singing teacher, and her young and highly gifted student Alexander preparing for a highly renowned musical competition. Even if the protagonists remain distant and strangely anemic, it is an … More IFC 2014: Hear the Stars in Heaven Turning

IFC 2014: A Story Worth Telling – A Toolbox (Sort of)

“Fiction is easy, it’s all about ‘Once upon a time’, and it’s imprinted in your DNA. Documentary is what it’s all about”, says Simon Elmes, BBC (UK). Storytelling is a magical process, but the important questions are: Is your story really important, relevant, emotionally powerful, exciting? One example for a gripping beginning is Anatomy of … More IFC 2014: A Story Worth Telling – A Toolbox (Sort of)

IFC 2014: Digital Fields

Turning radio docs into web docs, harnessing the digital potential for distribution and why media organisations should go “digital first”: Francesca Panetta, The Guardian (UK), gives insight into three of her projects (“The shirt on your back”, a disturbing piece on the Bangladeshi garment industry; “In flight”, a real-time data driven interactive on the global … More IFC 2014: Digital Fields

IFC 2014: Inside Outside Battery

According to Chris Brooks, Battery Radio (Canada), Inside Outside Battery is a “landscape documentary or perhaps a place-based feature (unless it’s not)”. It is an iOS or Android app taking to out into the landscape playing all sorts of audio – literary features, songs, current affairs, investigative journalism, historical documentaries, even a full-blown ghost story – … More IFC 2014: Inside Outside Battery

IFC 2014: Lives in a Landscape: The Longest Walk

Walking 100 miles (161 kilometers) is a incredibly tough. Interviewing the long distance walker George Foot (76) on his probably last long distance walk, mic in hand and walking backwards, is almost as hard. Alan Dein and Jolyon Jenkins (UK) did it, and their piece Lives in a Landscape: The Longest Walk is a portrait … More IFC 2014: Lives in a Landscape: The Longest Walk

IFC 2014: Architecture Through Other Eyes

“Wood warms up the sound” the American singer and songwriter Raul Midon says, playing his guitar and listening carefully to echo and reverb, to the acoustic atmosphere: Architecture Through Other Eyes is a project exploring how blind people’s perception of indoor surroundings, how architecture sounds and smells and feels (“Sighted people don’t touch things, you … More IFC 2014: Architecture Through Other Eyes