ABORTION – Ban Barkawi – IND – Jordan

subtitled video | 15 min

A ‘Sowt Podcast’ Production

Series: Eib
Season 1, episode 2: Abortion


In Eib , means shame in Arabic, we examine how the lives of ordinary people have been affected by society’s definitions of gender and the restrictions surrounding it.
The program’s host, explores people’s encounters with divorce, reproductive health services and sexual orientation; topics rarely discussed in Arab society and tainted by the word “eib” or “shame”.

In this episode from the first season, we listen to when an unmarried woman finds herself accidentally pregnant, and abortion becomes her only choice.

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Each season of the 5 published so far was produced by a different person.
Ban Barkawi is the author of the Abortion episode (and the whole season 1).

Author: Ban Barkawi

Video producer Tala Alessa [3 min]


5 thoughts on “ABORTION – Ban Barkawi – IND – Jordan


    The name of this Jordanian podcast is “Eib” (shame), but this episode is less about shame and more about guilt. Irrespective of the social circumstances in this Arab country, a mother’s grief for her aborted child is universal.
    The touching story of this young woman shines through the production, despite its rather basic realisation.

  2. Hello Ban!

    The first question I asked myself even before listening to the piece – what is the abortion law in this part of the world? In the middle of the feature there’s an answer, and this is when the true drama begins to unveil. A terrible dilemma which is better to be seen through the ordinary person eyes view, obviously told with love and compassion. It is perhaps a matter of taste but do you think it would be a good idea to bring the ‘law and choice’ thing a bit closer to the beginning?

  3. What an intense experience. 15 minutes that feel like an hour, in a positive sense! 15 minutes in which you get an intimate insight into the life of a young woman in Jordan. While there are numerous stories of women and abortions, at least I know several from German-speaking countries, which are of course always very intimate and emotionalizing, this story is really very special. Thanks to the makers for giving the protagonist space and time for her story by keeping the narrative very calm and reduced and asking questions at eye level. The pauses and the discreet music strengthened the expressiveness of the story. I felt very close to the protagonist, it felt as if we were sitting together over tea and she would share the story just with me. I would like to hear and read more of this podcast, are you considering to offer further translated episodes?

  4. This an example of a piece when I am so happy to listen alone at home and not have to share the state it causes me with others. I am shaken.

    Do you as producers and authors face any consequences of braking taboos of not talking about these things? What was the feedback of your audience to this particular episode? Do you think laws that made your protagonist suffer so much and do what she obviously didn´t want to do at all might be changed (or at least discussed) in your country?

    Keep going, I find your work very important.

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