A LATE BLOOMING – Nanna Hauge Kristensen – RADIO24SYV – Denmark

subtitled video | 42 min


Jørgen is 95 years old and has lived two lives.
One as a husband and father, and one where he could be himself.
As a young man, he falls deeply in love with a man.
It’s the 1940s, and he marries a woman.
After fifty-two years of marriage, he comes out, 80 years old.
A montage about denial, love and deliverance.

Produced for Radio 24syv, Denmark
Edit and mix: Ole Fugl Hørkilde
Commissioning Editor: Mikkel Clausen
First broadcast: June 5th 2019
Length: 41’46”

Produced by

Nanna Hauge Kristensen


8 thoughts on “A LATE BLOOMING – Nanna Hauge Kristensen – RADIO24SYV – Denmark


    A Late Blooming is a compelling piece, full of raw emotion.
    The listener is gripped from the beginning when the 95-year-old Jørgen states that he has lived two lives.
    The past is brought back to life, when he listens to a recording of a radio interview he made as a younger man where he reveals the other life he has been secretly living.
    The tape is used by the feature maker as a device to create powerful scenes, by juxtaposing the past with present day reflections.
    These narrative threads, along with delicate use of sound, music, silence and pacing, come together to make a beautifully intimate portrait of one man’s life.

  2. Hello, just listened to Jorgens moving and interesting story. We appreciate the sensitive approach of the author, Jorgen is a good storyteller who remembers his life in detail. One question: why did the author decide to reveal all important information at the very beginning? So there was little surprise left, when we listened to the whole program.

    1. Dear Eva, Elisabeth and Silvia,
      Thank you for your comment. It’s a good question that made me think more closely about our editing process. It was quite an intuitive process, where the audio material was guiding the form of the piece. The story is told chronologically, but with a circular dramaturgy, revealing a lot in the beginning as you point at.
      To me “A Late Blooming” is a story about identity, love and acceptance. It goes beyond sexuality and the sensation of Jørgen coming out at the age of eighty. Maybe in its core it’s a story about becoming. Therefor I felt no need to surprise the listener. Jørgen leading a double life and coming out late in life was more a starting point to tell a story about the emotional consequences of denying one self – and the liberation Jørgen experiences when he finally comes out as he is.
      I made the piece in close collaboration with Ole Fugl and we both felt that the phone call where Jørgen’s daughter expresses her acceptance of her father “following his heart” encapsulates something significant. We sought to build up to that moment through our dramaturgical choices, so the listener hopefully feels what is at stake. Being accepted by his dear ones is what finally makes it possible for Jørgen to bloom – all though it is a late blooming.

  3. I think other programmes would have taken that moment in Switzerland, the night before the women he had made a promise to would arrive, and drawn it out for tension, with dramatic music and the narrator asking what life-changing direction Jorgen would chose… and they would be the worse for it. This programme is lovely, kind, and more moving for the lack of enforced tension.

  4. Hi, I really loved your piece. Jorgen’s story is most likely a story of secrets, love and waiting and also his voice is so calming, that it makes perfect sense to let him just talk about everything instead of trying to create some dramatic tension. Because that’s not, what it is about. It’s not a detective story and we don’t need to get tensed up or wait for a big reveal at the end. I appreciate that you didn’t get driven away from your chosen path. I also liked the connection with the 25-years old tape, in which Jorgen appeared as an anonymous. It made a great contrast to the storytelling. I have just one question. Did the daughter call on purpose, or was it just a big coincidence? Thank you very much.

    1. Dear Adéla,

      Thank you for your words, I really appreciate them.
      Yes, actually Jørgen’s daughter called by coincidence. For some reason Jørgen always has his phone on loudspeaker when he talks, and I had the fortune of being able to record their conversation. The timing seemed to be a gift from reality

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