Norwegian radio colleague Lars-Helge Myklebust passed away

by Berit Hedemann, former colleague

“How terribly sad. Lars-Helge Myklebust died 26.7.22.
He was the kindest man in the world.
And the most important man for The Radio Documentary Department I NRK in the years when the department was built from nothing to Prix Europa and Prix Italia winners.

As group leader he used all his power and will to give us co-workers the best conditions for making radio documentaries, and the best possible  counselling.
He worked endless days and evenings to make others succeed.
With humour, seriousness, and always with warmth, very much warmth, it is impossible to think of Lars-Helge without being soft in the heart by how kind he always was.
To all our celebrations and jubilees he always made a new and funny and a little rude song.
He was a well of humour, was essential in building up the Night Radio, and helped uncountable NRK radio makers in the weekly news program Ukeslutt to make their reportages better, every week, with no thoughts of himself, while he himself was making radio documentaries.

Now I can’t stop thinking of if we ever gave him enough thanks  and praise for all that he meant for us, because so kind people seldom get the praising they deserve while they live.
So sadly enough I have to say it now, into the big empty room he has left after him: Dear Lars-Helge, I am so grateful for everything!”

Lars-Helge Myklebust


by Edwin Brys, Belgium:

“What a sharp  and warm personality was our Norwegian friend and colleague Lars-Helge Myklebust.
Besides his high professional qualities as radio feature maker and as a trainer,  there is something else : how not to love a man who  enjoyed discovering  hidden lovely tasteful Italian restaurants and whose exploding laughters will always resonate in our hearts.
Like a tender thunderstorm from the North.”

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