The three radio talents from the ‘Ake Blomström Award 2021-2022’ – +AUDIO, +SCRIPT

Åke Blomström

You probably met the 3 of them during the IFC AudioDocs conference in Cardiff: the winners of the Ake Blomström Award 2021-2022.
We are very grateful to the coaches Vaida Pilibaytyte – LRT, Simon Elmes – ex BBC and Conor Garrett – BBC Ireland.

Discover now the full programmes (with English translation) they produced during the AB training and coaching period.

  • Laura Palanne, Finland
  • Brian Byrne, Ireland
  • Martyna Sulskutè, Lithuania


Edwin Brys, Coordinator Ake Blomström Training

SAIL AWAY – Laura Palanne – Finland
The radio essay deals with sailing and world anxiety.
Why does sailing appeal to the modern human?
The listener is carried across the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.
Sailor Tapio Lehtinen, who sailed around the world alone and without stopping, shares his thoughts about fear and death. Dreams, poems and catastrophes get mixed with movies and tv-series as Laura and her friend Ellen raise the sails and flee the city.
Can you sail away from reality, and where do you end up?
[ ENGLISH SCRIPT pdf ] [ AUDIO mp3 ]

DELIVER-WHO? – Brian Byrne – Ireland
A tragic accident sparks curiosity in the conditions of Dublin’s delivery workers. 

Delving into the world of those who are usually not seen or recognized out there, this feature explores what it’s like to be a delivery rider – from stolen bikes, to stolen lives – and everything in between.
‘Deliver-who?’ asks the question, what does it cost to be a delivery rider?
[ ENGLISH SCRIPT pdf ] [ AUDIO mp3 ]

KAROLIS IS SKIS, VYTENIS IS EYES – Martyna Sulskutè – Lithuania
Karolis is a blind skier.
Together with his guide Vytenis, they are training to get accepted to the 2022 Winter Paralympics in Beijing.
This would be their first competition at the Paralympics. Moreover, Lithuania would get its representatives there for the first time since 1994.
And the duo accepts the challenge.

Karolis is recognized as a B1 category athlete.
It means that he is completely visually impaired.
It also means that every second on the slope has to be described to him by Vytenis.
Karolis and Vytenis are training routinely to improve their performance.

However, their biggest challenge is learning to trust each other unconditionally.
A tiny miscommunication on their way downhill can cause serious injury for Karolis.
The team’s success depends on Karolis and Vytenis’ ability to learn to function like clockwork.
In this process, the relationship between the two develops and gets challenged.
[ ENGLISH SCRIPT pdf ] [ AUDIO mp3 ]


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