The three historic days of September in retrospect: The shortest version

“What can’t be done in Rome, can be done at home” (Edwin Brys, Belgium – Aug-01-2020)

We are talking about the 46th IFC and the first virtual conference: Virtual IFC 2020.
For those who were there, participated in a unique event.
For those who were not there: everything is still there.

The programmes remain to be listended to.
Discussions also continue in full intensity.
Welcome and take part.
Everyone is still (t)here 🙂

The dust has settled and we just feel the need to summarize a few things.

All went well with arranging the Virtual IFC 2020.
All program makers and contributors delivered all material and seems happy about it.
There were no big surprises and all worked out technically.


The ‘Welcome Today’s’
It gave us all a kind of festival feeling to have an opening of each day on Zoom.
Worked very well.
It was also made available by livestream on YouTube.
Some element were taped.
A greeting from Leo Braun was to the point as taped video.
It was also important that the Goodbye video was looking professional.

See all recorded ‘Welcome Today’s’ and greeting Leo Braun here

The ‘Meet the Makers’
This was very important for the festival feeling.
At least the program makers responded very positively on this.
It appeared to be important for them to feel part of the community of radio docs and to tell something about them selves and their production.
We had 8, 8 and 7 docs presented.
The plan was to keep each talk as a direct communication between host and program maker.
It was hard just to talk 4 minutes with each.
The sessions went on for ca 45 minutes, and that was maybe a bit on the long side.
Possibly 6 program makers would have been more ideal.

The host had contact with program makers up front and had prepared specific questions.

See all recorded ‘Meet the Makers’ here


The Comment fields/discussions
We have an average of 8.6 (date:30/9) comments per program.
Not bad, but some of us were hoping for a more active discussion.
We really tried to urge people to post comments.
Leo Braun’s video was pointing out that the old hands of radio doc world had a special responsibility.

The ‘Opening Statements’ made sure there were something happening for each doc.
Hard to tell if they raised the bar a bit.
Anyway, comment fields opens up for dialogue.

See latest 100 (from 180+) comments here

The Social Media
We didn’t have time to focus on a big social media plan.
A few Video Promo’s, Facebook and Twitter articles.

See/find Video Promo’s here

The Stats
Many statistics have been kept up to date.
Here are a few of them:


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