The three radio talents from the ‘Ake Blomström Award 2019-2020’ +AUDIO

They were expected to shine on stage at the IFC in Rome in May, the three radio talents from the Ake Blomström Award 2019-2020.
But spoilsport C. had arrived.
Because of this, we moved to our home site for the occasion of the virtual IFC.
[VIDEO | 39 min]

So here they are with full audio and English script: Vivien Schütz (Germany), Marta Medvesek (Croatia) and Claudia Gschweitl (Austria).
Excellent vintage this year!

Edwin Brys, Coordinator Ake Blomström Training

ENTAGLED – Vivien Schütz – IND – Germany
Zelda Wigs sits on an unassuming block in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, behind a frosted window store front.
Owner Zelda Volkov is a 28-year-old mother of three, now divorced, who has chosen not to cover her hair anymore …
[42 min – subtitled video]

FLY OR DIE – Marta Medvešek – CROATION RADIO – Croatia
28 years ago, a man found an injured baby stork.
Shot in the wing, she couldn’t fly. She was predestined to die. But the man saved her. She still couldn’t fly – but she stayed alive. The man changed her destiny. Did he know that she would change his destiny just as much? …
[39 min – mp3 + PDF]

WELCOME TO WEIKENDORF – Claudia Gschweitl – ORF – Austria
A family from Palestine wanted to buy a house in Weikendorf, a small village in Lower Austria, but did not receive the necessary permit …
[54 min – mp3 + PDF


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