Message for all SELECTED programme makers for the IFC 2020!

Virtual IFC 2020 | Sep 14-15-16

Dear all selected programme makers for the IFC 2020!

We’ve got some great news for you.
As you know, it wasn’t possible to hold a physical IFC in Rome in May.
But, having selected your programme as one of the best, most ambitious documentaries of the last year we’re still really keen to showcase it to the global feature making community.

So we’re delighted to tell you that we have been hard at work devising an alternative virtual edition of this year’s International Feature Conference.

The virtual IFC 2020 will be hosted on the IFC homepage on the 14th – 16th September.
Each day we’ll release a number of the selected documentaries and we’ll invite attendees to give comments and feedback – the most important and valuable part of any IFC.

We plan to post links to a video of each programme, subtitled in English.

For each entry, we will set up a comment field.
Every documentary will be accompanied by an opening statement (written by a moderator selected by us) with a short analysis of the work to get the discussion started.
We then invite all conference ‘attendees’ to listen to each programme whenever is convenient and to post their opinions and/or ask you, the programme maker, questions.
The comment field will take on its own life for the coming days and weeks. We are confident this will be a useful resource and an insightful appraisal of your work.

Here’s what we need you to do by 1st August, please:

  • Upload a subtitled video of your programme to a server of your choice (technical details attached)
  • Provide us with the link to your subtitled video – we will then add this link to the IFC website
  • Send us an image that helps to illustrate your programme – a photo or artwork of the subjects of the documentary or the programme makers

Optionally, feel free to also send us a link to a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) where you tell us a little about yourself and your production.

Please do contact us with any questions:

In this difficult year, we’re so pleased we have this opportunity to make your inspired work available to your colleagues around the world.

Sincerest thanks for helping us make the digital IFC2020 a success!

Visit our website to get infos and updates

all the best,