Update on the 2020/21 Åke Blomström award: Completed the process to select three awardees for 2020/21

Tim Desmond (chairman Åke Blomström Award)

The selection committee has completed the process to select three awardees for 2020/21.
The 2020 winners are Lena Loehr ( Germany), Dries Hiroux (Belgium) and Agnieszka Szwajgier (Poland).
Congratulations to all three candidates and well done to all those who applied but didn’t make it this year.

There were 30 applications this year and many thanks to the committee for their time and dedication to the process.
The committee felt the three candidates showed a sufficient level of skill and understanding of the medium to complete the audio project and would benefit greatly from the mentorship and exposure to the radio feature making community in Europe during the year ahead.

Finally, I want to thank you all for the support (financial and otherwise), you continue to show to this wonderful project, now in its 34th year.

All the very best,
Tim Desmond.

Selection Committee:
Tim Desmond: RTÉ Ireland (Chair).
Fabiana Carobolante: RAI Italia.
Nikita Klobucar: HRT Croatia.
Tuomas Skopa: YLE Finland.

Edwin Brys, Co-ordinator
Simon Elmes, (formely BBC)
Vaida Pilibaitytė, (LRT)
Conor Garrett, (BBC NI)

HOME PAGE ABA – https://ifc2.wordpress.com/ake-blomstrom-home/
HOME PAGE IFC 2020 ROME – https://ifc2.wordpress.com/ifc20/

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