‘Åke Blomström Award’ Winners 2020

The three lucky Ake Blomstrom Award 2020 winners are:
(left to right)

  • Agnieszka Szwajgier- Poland
  • Dries Hiroux- Belguim
  • Lena Loehr- Germany

Coordinator training – Edwin Brys, Belgium
Chair ABA – Tim Desmond ( RTÉ, Ireland)
HOME PAGE ABA – ifc2.wordpress.com/ake-blomstrom-home/


Åke Blomström, Head of Features of Sveriges Radio, was born in December 1931 and died abruptly (age 54 years) on 31 May 1985 (kidney failure). As a man of reputation in SR (Swedish Press: “Radio Personality of the Year”) as well as internationally respected and loved he got a great funeral ceremony. At the end of the ceremony and still on the graveyard the SR Director of Radio and I agreed to establish an Åke Blomström Memorial Prize.


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