Call out for 46th International Feature Conference (IFC) Rome, 24-28 May 2020


Dear Colleagues,

The 46th International Feature Conference (IFC) will take place on 24-28 May 2020 in Rome at the kind invitation of RAI (Italy).

On behalf of Silvia Lahner (ORF/Austria), Chair of the EBU Features Group, please find attached the official invitation and the first important information about the Conference.

Yours sincerely,
Laurent Marceau

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About this Event

Contributing programmes – We are looking for the best, most innovative and powerful pieces you have made over the past year. We’re asking you for programmes that are creative, daring but rigorous. We’d like to hear pieces that move beyond true crime and that are really bold and ambitious in their use of the medium we all love.

We will pay special attention to content that’s inclusive in terms of minorities and that reflects the full diversity of society today. We’re keen to hear programmes that challenge and engage the listener by offering the widest vision of the world around us.

We are looking for one-off programmes and series – but none should exceed 60 minutes in length.

Important deadlines – If you want your programme to be considered for inclusion in the Conference programme, please submit your audio by: Sunday 16 February 2020.

Your contribution should consist of:

• Your entire audio piece. Full entry durations are limited to 60 minutes. If you are entering a series, please enter a part of it (one episode or more).

• An exact English – language translation of your entry in full. English – language pieces need english script of your entry in full.

• A brief synopsis of the production and the reason why you think it is relevant to the IFC.

Check on:  (this website)

Mail to:

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