Call out for ‘Åke Blomström Award’ 2020 – GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUNG RADIO PRODUCERS

Dear Colleagues,

The Åke Blomström Award offers to young and promising radio feature makers the chance to attend a special documentary training program, to join the International Feature Conference 2020 and to participate in the Prix Europa 2020.

The grant award supports young radio talents who are at the beginning of their career as feature makers.
We are explicitly looking for feature makers with great potential rather than for those who already have much experience and expertise.

  • Read/download FULL invitation below … (loading takes few seconds)
    (mirror) download .pdf here.
  • ATTENTION: The closing date for the entry of submissions for the 2020 Åke Blomström Award is 23th of January 2020.
    In order for a submission to be considered, you should send the materials listed above by the closing date.


Best wishes,
Tim Desmond
Chairperson, Åke Blomström Award

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