Tim Desmond: New Ake Blomström chairman

Tim Desmond : new Ake Blomström chairman

Flowers for Gabriela Hermer, on stage at the IFC in Cork.
Five years long she was the very dedicated chairwoman of the Ake Blomström Award.
Intense applause everywhere!

Gabriela will now be a coach for one of the new AB winners, as will do Simon Elmes and Conor Garrett. Edwin Brys will continue to coordinate the AB Training.
And now a warm welcome to the new chairman, Tim Desmond from RTE!

Tim Is a producer with the Documentary On One team in RTÉ Radio One and is based in Dublin.
He has been making radio documentaries for over ten years Including the 2017 Prix Italia winner ‘No Time To Lose’.
Documentary making has taken Tim across Asia, Africa and Central America, with a particular focus on issues of social justice and the legacy of war.
Like the other members of the Documentary On One team, Tim produces his own documentaries and supervises the production of documentaries with independent documentary-makers.


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