#IFC2019 – STORY SHOWCASE +AUDIO & Script – All 20 pieces

Links to all 20 pieces that featured in Story Showcase are below.
In most cases, the transcription/translation links within the Soundcloud file work – but have attached all scripts just in case there’s any issues (numbering doesn’t mean anything).

• I Am The Detonator by Mira Burt-Wintonick, CBC https://soundcloud.com/mira-burt-wintonick/the-detonator/s-W10ix

• My Own Private Russophobia by Dan Kupšovský, Czech Radio https://soundcloud.com/user-842989929/my-own-private-russophobia/s-tRlnA

• Wilifred by Mehdi Ahoudig, ARTE Radio https://soundcloud.com/arte-radio-1/wilfried

• Hidden in the Memory by Ewelina Kosałka-Passia, Polish Radio Katowice https://soundcloud.com/kosalka/hidden-in-the-memory

• Consent by Chris Brookes, Canada https://soundcloud.com/batteryradio/consent-ifc-compilation

• The Mystery of Čiurlionis by Rūta Dambravaitė, Lithuania https://soundcloud.com/radijodokumentika/vieno-m-k-ciurlionio-paveikslo-paslaptis

• Walking in Circles by Catherine Girardeau, UShttps://soundcloud.com/earprint/walking-in-circles

• In the Meltwaters by Henna Laininen, Finland https://soundcloud.com/user-478415160/sulamisvesissa/s-RxNH1

• ‘Ambient, Sir’ by Jess Shane, Canada/UK https://soundcloud.com/iamjessshane/ambient-sir

• ‘Mongolian Steppe, Middle of the Summer’ by Jiří Slavičínský, Czech Republic https://soundcloud.com/user-892192772/mongolian-desert-middle-of-the-summer-jiri-slavicinsky/s-MLnxA

• ‘On The Same Boat Ita’ by Giulia Valli, Italy https://soundcloud.com/dariacorrias/on-the-same-boat-ita-ifc19/s-EZa9I

• ‘The Great Scammer – The woman behind the headlines’ by Pernilla Wadebäck, Sweden https://soundcloud.com/ylva-lindgren/the-great-scammer-sr

• The Lyric Feature: In the wind by Mary Brophy, Ireland https://soundcloud.com/the-lyric-feature/ifc-2019-in-the-wind/s-ENmL2

• Disquiet in the Deep – How underwater noise is destroying the oceans By Brigitte Kramer, Germany https://soundcloud.com/ottlitz/disquiet-in-the-deep-how-underwater-noise-is-destroying-the-oceans/s-FrRgm

• Don Jon De Las Rossas by Daniel Bilenko, Switzerland https://soundcloud.com/user-334471176/don-jon-de-las-rossaswav/s-UmYFj

• Drama On One: James’s Story by David Zane Mairowitz,Ireland https://soundcloud.com/kevin-brew/drama-on-one-jamess-story-by-david-zane-mairowitz-48-16

• “I am lucky that I am always lucky” Imre Kormos. Hero and Scoundrel. An Investigation, by Natasa Konopitzky, Austria  https://soundcloud.com/elisabeth-stratka-102497257/orf_ifc2018wav

Natasa Konopitzky: “Part 2: Sound and Script on request.”

• The Patch Episode 2 Rannoch by Polly Weston, UK https://soundcloud.com/user-342120715/the-patch-episode-2-rannoch-tx-version-24-11-18-10-30wav

• ‘The distance is 3 meters’ by Vatos Vladi, Netherlands https://soundcloud.com/fatosv/the-distance-is-3-meters

• Part 2 of a 6-part Podcast Series “Neuland / New Ground – About Homeland and Semiconductors” by Döerte Fiedler, Germany https://soundcloud.com/wolfgang-schiller-1/neuland-folge-2/s-ZxTF8

Story Showcase Scripts (21 items)


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