New element to IFC – ‘Story Showcase’

This year, we’re excited to introduce a new element to IFC – Story Showcase.
This is where an ‘outstanding’ 5-7mins excerpt is chosen from entries into #IFC2019 which have been shortlisted/selected by the EBU Features group.
These excerpts will then be played, discussed and critiqued in individual discussion groups.
Each Story Showcase group will have a ‘leader’ – and to that end, given your experience and standing within the international audio community.

As we’re expecting c.25o delegates to attend #IFC2019, each Story Showcase will have two leaders, with c.50 delegates in a room.
We have paired a native English speaker/leader with a non native English speaker/leader for all Story Showcase discussions.
All delegates will be asked to listen to the pieces featuring in their Story Showcase before they attend #IFC2019 (we’ll send everyone the links).


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