IFC 2018 – SCHEDULE & Scripts (on ifcplus)


The complete program is almost finished.
Now – two weeks in advance – the latest version.

We’ve posted this schedule on a special (private (1) website, ‘IFC PLUS’ with links to all (2) digital scripts, friendly for mobile (3) platforms (phones, tablets),
with a easy-to-remember  web address: bit.ly/ifcplus

Go To SCHEDULE & Scripts IFC2018

Reading scripts on your smart phone or tablet

1) ‘private’ means: Search engines (e.g. Google) blocked to indexing ‘bit.ly/ifcplus’ for copyright reasons.
2) In progress.
3) Your smartphone or tablet’s home screen isn’t just for apps.
Whatever platform you’re using, you can pin your favorite websites (e.g. this one: bit.ly/ifcplus ) to your home screen so you can quickly access them. (short tutorial movie)

TIP: Test and install this at home 😉

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