5th Grand Prix Nova, 2017 – Winners

5th Grand Prix Nova, International Radio Drama and Short Forms Festival
Powered by Radio Romania

Radiodrama category:
The winners are …

  1. Young beautiful monsters – Le Collectif WoW/ Belgium
  2. False Alarm – SRF/ Switzerland
  3. The Black Regen Ovid: The White Regen Marcus Aurelius – RTVS/ Slovakia

Short form:

The winners are …

  1. Fairy Tale Licious : Fairy songs and Pop Tales – Switzerland /SRF
  2. Notturno – HRT/ Croatia
  3. Voices – Exercises in style – RTS/ Serbia


Grand Prix Nova is a competitive festival for radio productions from all over the world, a landmark for radio professionals who continuously explore their craft. The festival encourages original work, trying to discover and promote artists who breathe new life into sound fiction, with the stated purpose of attracting new categories of listeners. We believe the international festival stage does not have a nexus for innovative forms.
This is a crucial moment for the radio genre, which every agent involved in it can feel right now.
Many other arts are experiencing the same thing, and are trying to redefine themselves and their role in the evolution of society.
There are artists who believe this is a syncretic moment in artistic forms, an idea that radio should not rule out beforehand.
We believe there is a need for a laboratory where dedicated people may meet and try to design a viable future for radio, to rediscover its meanings and possibilities.
The Grand Prix Nova Festival aims to provide a constructive environment for shared experience for producers and creators of radio works who wish to prepare this special artistic genre for new approaches in the century that has just begun. Grand Prix Nova is aimed at radio creators from all over the world, as it wishes to take the pulse of performance in this genre in a given year.

Risking a break with tradition is an act of courage.
We reward it.


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