IFC 2017 – Step by step to digital scripts only

During the upcoming IFC in Stockholm, all selected programs are still provided with an English-language script on paper.

With 20 programs and 150 scripts per program (number of participants), we talk about 3000 paper scripts.
That’s a huge mountain of paper (and copy costs)

We’re experimenting step by step with a digital way on smartphone or tablet.

Last year in Vienna during IFC 2016 a first try out.
This year, an improved version during IFC 2017.

Are you at the IFC in Stockholm?
Check, test and review!

Made for Mobile: IFCplus

Read scripts on your mobile
–  bit.ly/ifcplus

For the moment and upcoming IFC, both versions; on paper and digital.

If you have any suggestions or comments about this, please let us know (below). Thanks!


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